1991 New Year’s Day Celebrations – Ishikawa, Japan
20 years ago I lived in the city of Kanazawa in Ishikawa, Japan.
I started taking Japanese language classes in Grade 8. One of the high schools I attended in White Rock, BC {White Rock Christian Academy} had a exchange program with a sister school in Gifu, Japan. Our school halls were always filled with the sound of this beautifully complicated language.

I was an exchange student, attending school from Monday thru Saturday, living fully immersed in the language and the culture for a full school year, from 1990-1991. My homestay families became my family! I celebrated my 18th birthday there. My mom even flew out to visit me and we traveled thru many of the areas rocked by today’s massive earthquake. 

Since returning from Japan, I have had Japanese students live in my home. I have many friends that live there, and some that are missionaries there.  
I have a love for that nation that many don’t fully understand. 
In watching the news this morning, I am brought to great grief for what has happened there today. An 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit hard but it was the 30 foot wave that washed over the northern coastline that leaves me in deep sadness.
I can’t turn off the news.
私はあまり好き国家のために祈っています、私は祈るすべての私の友人はOKです。日本いつまでも私の心の中に- 私はあなたを愛して!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. so so so very sad. Truly heartbreaking.

  2. It's indescribably sad… and I don't have an immediate connection. I can't imagine what you're feeling or what the 1000's of ppl who live there are experiencing.
    I'm tempted to say that prayer is the least I can do…but it's actually the MOST any of us can do.

  3. I am praying here too. We have had 3 students from Japan who I am hoping to hear from soon. I can't imagine how you feel, with such a history there. Hugs and Prayers.

  4. I've been praying too. As an engineer I look at the infrastructure damage and the total devastation and wonder how they will ever clean up, much less rebuild. It's astronomical. Praying lots!

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