I hopped on the GO-Train a little nervous yesterday morning. It was only my second time taking that mode of transportation into the “Big City” and the last time… the door tried to eat me!

Thanks to the encouragement from Hollie of Common Cents Mom who helped me get from point A to point B and waited for me at Union Station… I arrived safe and sound! I really appreciate you!! 🙂

We walked together to go pick up Lynette from My Wee View, Tammi from My Organized Chaos and Jody from Mommy Moment. They were flown in from their various cities across this great land and put up in a swanky hotel for the night. I talk to Tammi and Lynette almost every single day but haven’t seen them in person since Blissdom Canada last year! I was so excited when I heard they were coming to the #KidsCBC tweet-up!! When I knocked on their suite door… I heard SCREAMING from inside! The squealing, the hugging and the huge smiles continued for the rest of the day!

Late last month I received an invite from Kids’ CBC to join them and some other bloggers to their very 1st tweet-up! How exciting is that?! I had no idea who all would be there until hours leading up to the actual event. The place was packed {besides the lovely ladies I’ve mentioned already).

The day began by being an audience member during the taping of The Steven and Chris Show.

They had Jillian Michaels on as their guest!! She is probably best known from her time on “The Biggest Loser”. She’s also an author of quite a selection of book, just recently releasing, “Unlimited; How To Build An Exceptional Life”.

The entire taping took almost 2 hours from start to finish. During the cooking segment, when the waft of deliciousness swept across the room from the grilling seafood kabobs, it was a surreal moment for Ann-Marie from MomsTown! 🙂

Watch for us next Thursday, April 14 at 2pm on The Steven and Chris Show on CBC!

After the taping was over we were brought to the Kids’ CBC green room and guess what? It is really green!! And so were some of our sandwiches….

We mixed and mingled for a while, laughed and hugged some more and coo’d and awe’d at the little Princess in the room! Patty Sullivan, host of Kids’ Canada, is a total Kid’s TV icon! I remember her from her days with TVOKids. She is on maternity leave and came in to meet with us!!

Kim Wilson, Creative Head for Children’s & Youth Programming, brought us all together into the CBC Caboose set. Mamma Yamma spent the rest of the afternoon with us too! This whole day wasn’t just to have a great time with Steven and Chris & Patty and of course with each other – which we did – but to share with us a behind the scenes look at what makes Kids’ CBC different from all the rest.


  • Kids’ CBC has a Ph.D on staff? A Development Psychologist helps them with their Preschool, Children’s and Youth Programming!
  • They take parents concerns and input very seriously!
    • They reply to every email sent in!
    • If a parent sees a show or episode that they do not like and they send in a complaint, it’s not only looked at but action is taken. Kim’s philosophy is, “If one parents complained there are probably hundreds out there who wanted to but didn’t”.
  • Stay tuned for new series, Napkin Man! Starring Ed Robertson from Barenaked Ladies!!
  • Monster Math Squad is another NEW series in the works – all about developing math skills. 
  • They want to create a partnership with parents, to build programs together.
  • Another cool project that you should know about: CMF funded AR project (augmented reality) is now underway! 
  • They have tons of FREE events for families throughout the summer! I heard her mention they had live animals one year… one more reason to come into Toronto more often! 

Follow them on Twitter at KidsCBC! Look up #kidscbc on twitter to see what we talked about, shared and even more pictures and vidoes from other bloggers that were there.

Thank you Kids’ CBC for a wonderful day – here are some more uber cool moments from the day….


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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us! Sounds like an incredible opportunity….and lots of fun!

  2. Great post! It was wonderful to meet you 🙂

  3. Ya!!!
    Loved the entire day and sharing great times with you!

  4. Excellent recount of your exciting day! I felt like I experienced a bit of it through you! Thanks xOxO

  5. Looks like a FANTASTIC day! So glad you guys got to go and meet up and that it was such a fun experience (and there were no issues with train doors!)

    Luv ya!

  6. Wow Shannon! That looks like so much fun! And it's just the beginning!

    Congrats girl…your fun (*ahem* hard work) is paying off!!


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