Yesterday I posted a picture of me on my Shasher’s Life Facebook fan page.

I was all glammed up to drive my kids to school. “Schmexy” was one word used to describe it! A mixture of Christmas flannel PJ’s, knee high winter boots, a puffy coat (I just won on A Busy Mommy blog) and crusty makeup from the night before. I completely understand why they asked me to not get out of the car!

Hubby snapped a pic from behind. Thanks dear.

As I was enjoying all the back and forth banter it created on my FB page, I took a good look at the picture. I stare at this fridge each and every day but wow, is it really that messy?! I began to wonder if I was normal or a clutter bug.

Here is it full on.

Since I’ve shown you mine… I thought it only fair for you to show me yours.

If it’s clean, I want to see that too! Maybe your organizational skills will rub off on me.

Where does one keep those important, “Don’t Forget” notes (in my case they’re usually, “don’t forget to pick me up after school” notes from my oldest), the coupons, the newspaper articles (yes, my hubby cuts out full page articles and pops it onto the front of the fridge), the school art, the school calendar, the photos people send, the grocery list and the recipes I want to try?!

Take a picture of your fridge (if your refrigerator isn’t magnetic and you have to use a pantry door, take a photo of that!) and upload it onto my Shasher’s Life Facebook fan page. This is just for fun (K, there may be a prize or two in it…). There’s no judgement here.

I’m letting it all hang out… you should to!

Let the Fridge Face-Off begin!!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I did a post like this awhile back–

    Enjoy my fridge!

    BTW- love the outfit!

  2. I used to wear my PJs to take Andrew to school at 6 AM, then I thought, "What if there's an accident — and I'm standing by the side of the road in my slippers and sweats?!?" (and I travel a very busy highway, a real possibility).

    So now, I at least throw on a pair of jeans and clogs or flip flops.

    I'll post a picture of my fridge …

  3. My fridge isn't magnetic, or it would look just like yours. I use a basket in the middle of our kitchen island, and a white board on the wall with all the weekly pertinents. 🙂

  4. Fridge pics posted! 🙂 Pure fantasticness all around. I love this idea, Shash! I feel a little more 'normal' in my fridge weirdness already!

    I told my kiddos I would never take them to school in my pjs. And as cold as it gets around here, I have often thought about the same thing Tanya mentioned – what if I was in an accident!? EEP! But, I will toss on some yoga pants or sweatpants and a sweatshirt. It's almost like pjs anyway! hA!

  5. Will try to remember to do this later today. Though mine is spotless compared to yours 😛

  6. Ha ha. Love your fridge picture. Looks just like mine, except there's things plastered on both sides of it as well, not just the front!

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