Is it really Friday? I missed TT yesterday but I thought I’d do my own for today.

When I was a young… in between a teen and an adult, I wrote a list of the things I would do if I had a million dollars. It was at the time that The Barenaked Ladies came out with that song. (p.s. I loved them and my boyfriend told me that my taste sucked and that they were just a “flash in the pan”. Ha! Thanks TBL for proving him wrong!!)

1. I’d pay off my parents debt (plural)
2. I’d send my parents on their dream vacation
3. I’d buy my parents a new car
4. I’d travel the world

A lot has changed since then! As a teenager, my parents struggled financially. They never let on to too many people that there was trouble – but if you lived in the house, you knew…

The late 80’s – early 90’s were tough. We’d come home from school and the phone would be disconnected and the house would be cold and / or dark. One of the utilities was cut off – it seemed like all the time.

As teens things are always more tragic than actual and I was a drama queen so if this isn’t 100% accurate, oh well – these are my memories.

I worked as a waitress in a Chinese restaurant from 13 years of age on, I did what I could, paid for what I could and helped where I could. I remember not wanting to be a burden on my family.

We didn’t take any family vacations during this time, a few weekend trips here or there – my Mom’s high school reunion or family reunions / weddings etc., but we had fun as a family, we never lacked for that. I have great memories of loving it when we were together, weither it was a day at the beach or sitting around the deck at the house. There was never a time that I didn’t want to be around my family… even when I rebelled, if a guy didn’t want to double date with my parents at a night out at the movies then I didn’t want to date him, although I did date one guy to get their attention… that’s a whole other blog!!!

So when this song came out and I made my list – my family came first. Their happiness and success was the first thing I wanted to be able to help with. I had seen them give and give and give – it was their turn to receive.

What I didn’t realize was that God saw it all and knew how they were going to get out of the black hole they were in (people robbed from them, accountants etc.). He took care of my parents – more than I could ever have done with my meagre million dollars. My parents have been blessed beyond my “wish” list for them.

Thanks Mom and Dad for what you went through to raise all of us and continuing to put God first and His commandments and teaching us how to live. I love you lots and if I did have a million dollars, I’d still send you on your dream vacation… I’d just go along!!


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  1. My list would have looked the same back then but now my parents lend me money! I love your post!:)

  2. I love the barenaked ladies…J doesn’t though….
    yup I remember all that…that was a hard time for mom and dad…I am so glad that God has blessed them so much…and by doing that shown the rest of us His faithfulness!

    great post shash

  3. The Barenaked Ladies…one of their brothers was in my music class in high school;-)

    That is awesome how you enjoy the family that you have. I didn’t enjoy mine as much then but I enjoy my family way more now!!

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