This week has been full of firsts, some more monumental than others, and it’s only Wednesday!
For about a year, my daughter who turned 12 in May, has been asking if she could shave her legs. All of grade 6 I managed to deter her as she begged to join the ranks of her smooth-legged classmates.
Every day this summer she told me how hairy her legs were.
Every day I told her no, she couldn’t start shaving, her leg hairs were blonde and fine (but yes… long).
On Monday night, the night before school began, before she entered grade 7… JUNIOR HIGH… I finally gave in.
As I presented a new razor to her, I told her it was time.

I’d help her enter the world of dark, wiry stubble, nicks and razor rash. 

As I showed her how to lather the soap, how to hold the razor, how NOT to slice her leg sideways or scrape her ankle… I had a “Momma’s Proud” moment.
In all the times she asked to shave but I said no she had to wait, she could have done it in secret. She has older friends who shave and at any moment she could have had them show her how. That’s what I did when I was 12… I snuck around behind my parent’s back on many occasions, this was just the first…
I am proud of her for waiting, for respecting me by listening and obeying. There’s a lot to be said for that!!!

She is an incredible daughter and I’m proud to be her momma.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Grade 7 was the time for my daughter, too. We got her an electric razor to start the process easily. It was mostly an issue of letting her know that once you start shaving, it isn't a one time thing… once you start, you gotta keep shaving! HAHA! She also got the razor for Christmas last year, but wasn't 100% interested until this summer.

    Hugs to you and your girlie! These are the rites of passage we take into being women, and you guys both did a great job! 🙂
    ~ Raylene

  2. I started shaving my legs the summer before grade 7, and my underarms a few months later. I think that whenever they are uncomfortable with the hair, it is time to let them.

  3. I'm kinda sad I'll never get to do these mom and daughter firsts. Ah well. I think I shaved in 6th grade. My hair was/is really dark, so it showed for sure. I started with an electric razor, but soon realized a blade worked better. Then I nicked my ankles a kazillion times over the next few years.

  4. ah-ha! I am going through the exact same thing right now with my gr 7..
    i noticed she had underarm hair. So i bought some shave gel etc and we talked about how maybe it was 'time'..
    and then she went and showered and didn't shave..*sigh*
    I guess she will when she thinks it's time!!!

  5. Yes, I gave in to her getting rid of the hair on her legs going into grade 7 after many pleas, although I did give into her shaving her underarms earlier because it was summer. I am glad she waited until I said it was ok too. It is hard especially when their hair is dark, like hers is. We used the depilatory creams and those pads where you rub the hair off first- for a while but they take a fair bit of time. She started shaving her legs with a razor this summer.
    One of the girls in her class last year, shaves her arms and upper lip as well! I told my daughter to never, ever do that! I can't imagine what this girl in her class is in for later, but I think I may have frightened my DD with what may happen, so don't think she will go there. Newest thing – bleaching her upper lip…

  6. I have no idea, I can't remember when I started. Yet, my 8yo will have to soon, I think. He hair is just so dark and she's self-conscious about it. Seems way too early though,…

  7. I honestly can't remember when I started shaving my legs. My hair is very light so I don't imagine I was too young. My little one loves to help daddy shave his face 🙂

  8. I have dark hair and a lot of it – and I always did. So I still remember that in 5th grade, when I was begging my mom to let me shave and she kept saying no, the boy who found it soooo funny to call me Hairy Mary.

    I think she let me start shaving later that year, because seriously, we're talking hairy ape legs. But I still remember the trauma of being Hairy Mary.

    That being said, I dread this decision with my own daughter because even at nearly 5, she has some visible hair on her legs. I'm thinking I might be lucky if the conversation doesn't begin before 5th grade! 🙂

  9. My daughter is 11 1/2, just started middle school and I bought her an electric razor a couple of weeks ago. She's too scared to use a regual razor but the cheap electric is a nice compromise. I have not been one to put a lot of rules about this kind of thing but she is not at all boy crazy or vain, maybe a little opposite of vain lol so we encourage personal hygiene whenever possible.

  10. I don't have a daughter, but I think I started shaving my legs around grade 7, too. I played soccer so the high socks helped 😉

  11. What an awesome parenting moment! My daughter is only two and I'm pretty sure it won't be me showing her, lol. I do get the honour of showing my son how to shave someday though and the thought of that is very exciting!

  12. Definitely a proud mama moment 🙂 My dd is 8 but these years will be coming to hit me in the face before I know it. Sounds like you have a good girl on your hands, true she could have gone and done it behind your back but she respected your wishes and that in itself is admirable! You go girl 😉

  13. I can't remember the age, but I do remember doing it behind Mom's back…

    You indeed should be very proud of your daughter 🙂

  14. I was in Grade 7 when I first shaved my legs … dry, with my Mom's razor (!!!), while they were out somewhere. Then after I was done. I felt a bit guilty and asked my Mom if I could start shaving them. She said yes, and I showed her that I already had done so, lol. I remember the feeling of walking into school the next day with hairless legs and feeling like King of the Castle (or Queen in this case, maybe??)… I loved it.

  15. My daughter was grade 6 or 7. She drove me absolutely batty until I let her, much like getting her first bra.

    Being a woman really isn't as glamorous as it looks, is it? lol!

  16. My daughter is only 7, and to be honest I'd thought about this questions before. She tends to be on the fuzzy side, but I'm hoping those are still "baby" hairs that will go away as she gets older. But still. I have no idea when I'm going to let her do it! I'm still secretly wishing she'll skip the teenage years….

  17. She started all by herself earlier this year, didn't wait for permission. Which is how I started too.

  18. My mom kept telling me not to worry about it when I was around 12ish, but all the kids at school were teasing me. (I wore skirts and dresses 100% of the time at that age). I shaved without my mom's permission, but then we had to go somewhere and she noticed that I had only had the time to shave one leg!!!

    Any opinions on laser hair removal for kids? I don't know much about it, but never having to shave again sounds great in theory…

  19. My daughter is 9.5 years old. She begged me all summer to let her start shaving because she was the only girl in her group of friends with hairy legs. I wrestled with the decision because I really thought she was too young. I mean, I didn't start shaving until I was 12 or 13 years old. I think she's too young to use a razor and I'm worried that she might hurt herself. I'm 33 and I still cut myself shaving sometimes!

    The truth is, though, she does have very hairy legs, and the hair is very thick and dark. She has more hair on her legs than I do! I think my daughter is beautiful, Sasquatch legs and all, and I don't want her to grow up equating outward appearance with her value as a person. When she complained that other girls were making fun of her for being so hairy, I told her to just ignore them. I gave her the whole "body hair is natural and nothing to be ashamed of and you are beautiful just the way you are" speech, because as her mother this is what I believe.

    As a woman who still remembers how much it sucks to be different and get picked on by other kids, I know that ignoring it is easier said than done. Kids are cruel, and words do hurt. I hate to see my little girl go through this.

    I finally decided on a compromise. I let her shave her legs, but only with an electric shaver and under supervision. She's not allowed to use a razor yet, but I told her that I'll teach her how to use one when she's 12.

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