Just before leaving for nearly half of October, I got a little present in the mail. BISSELL sent me their Total Floors Complete Vacuum to review and to give one away. I was able to do the giveaway right away, congrats again to Melissa P, but I needed to give the vacuum a good test-drive before letting you know what I thought about it.

While I was away thankfully the cleaning in my house didn’t stop, like it has done on occasion… My husband put the vacuum together and then put the kids to work! 
The last vacuum we purchased bite the dust earlier this year, it didn’t even last a couple of years. I was then forced to use the 25+ year old bag-in, drag behind you, heavier than my youngest child, vacuum that I found in the garage which belonged to my deceased father-in-law. It barely picked up the Rice Krispies off of the kitchen floor… and with four kids… there’s a lot of crunchy stuff on the floor!
I wanted a vacuum that was light, did a great job cleaning the floors, easy on the stairs and I could get those nasty cobwebs off the 11′ ceiling in my dining & sitting room!
I got all that and a bonus…
My house smells FANTASTIC while I’m vacuuming and after I’m done! 
On Saturday, the kids had just finished vacuuming the area rug in the vestibule and were about to start on the stairs when a couple of friends popped by for a surprise visit. The first comment my friends made as they walked into my place… “Wow, your house smells great!”
Another bonus I appreciated… the 40′ power cord! I can plug it into one socket and finish from room to room without having to locate another plug down the hall.
Thanks BISSELL for sending me your Total Floors Complete Vacuum! My carpet and my nose appreciates it. 🙂

Powerful, Multi-Cyclonic vacuum with the odor elimination power of Febreze®!

  • Includes a Febreze® filter to eliminate odors and leave your home smelling fresh as you vacuum 
  • Contains brush roll switch to turn off the brush roll for safe use on hard floors. 
  • Includes TurboBrush® Tool and Long Reaching Dusting Tool 
  • Edge cleaning convenience


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  1. Wow nice vacuum! It looks like it needs to visit my place! Thanks for sharing the details on the BISSELL.

  2. Sounds like an awesome vacuum! I love Bissell and also love my Bissell steam floor cleaner…works great!

  3. I had a Bissell vacuum that I raved about so much, that 4 of my family members bought the same model. All really loved it too.


  4. I adore my Bissell little green machine so I'm not surprised that you love your vacuum 🙂

  5. That is a beauty! Honestly, how sad that I am excited by how awesome that vacuum looks! Geez. I have a heavy drag it behind you thing.

  6. I so need a good vacuum. I have an awesome carpet cleaner but my vacuum died

  7. Can't believe I didn't know aout the giveaway! Some contractors broke our vacuum cleaning p plaster that they should've cleaned themselves, not us ours 🙁 it was brand new….and that was a few years ago. We still have it but it doesn't work as good.

    Send Bissell over my way! 🙂

  8. Soo many typos! Lol using my auto correct iPad! Sorry

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