This morning I got an emergency prayer request from my sister Lala. It is from our mutual friend (in and out of cyberspace), Xangelle.

Patti’s youngest brother was hit head on in his vehicle by a semi-truck late late last night. He has just recently been removed from the critical list but he still needs our prayers; he is currently in surgery.

Patti is not just somebodies blog I read. I’ve known her family my entire life. I remember when Christopher was born! I baby-sat those kids! In the church we grew up in, Patti’s parents were our Children’s Church leaders, we called them Uncle and Aunt we were so close. Her Grandpa was the lead Pastor.

Not only is Patti my sister Lala’s best friend since time began but the connection goes much deeper. One of my older sisters is married to their Uncle (their mom’s brother). My cousin, Waawee (Mugwumpmom‘s older sister), is married to another one of their Uncles (their dad’s brother). I was at Patti’s wedding and she was at mine. Our lives are intertwined through so many avenues, so in a round-about way… Christopher is a part of my family and I need you to pray!

Please hop on over to her blog to let her know you’re praying for Chris and for the rest of the family!


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  1. I will pray for Patti’s brother.

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