A special guest post from my 15 year old son, Quinton, about his experience from 
Ontario Pioneer Camp this past summer. 

Ontario Pioneer Camp {OPC} is my favourite summer camp of all time. This is the second year I have gone, but the first time for a full two-week session.  I made so many new friends, tried activities I had never done before, and experienced God in a whole new way.

Staying in the ‘chalets’ at OPC is great because you get to spend the week with the same guys, becoming such good friends with your chalet mates and leaders. Whether it’s doing rosebud-thorn discussions, devotions, playing games or just talking and hanging out.

The games we played at boys camp were my favourites; playing in the boys camp softball tournament, fighting in the ‘Battle of Eggiesburg,’ doing different events in the relay races, and definitely dumping paint on the leaders in ‘Fort.’ The thing that makes these games better at boys camp is that everyone plays them fairly, which makes for an awesome time.

The activities OPC offers are all amazing! I learned how to sail for the very first time, I had so much fun on Clearwater Lake. This year I completed ORCA Canoeing Flatwater Level D, the final level, and I had such a blast doing it. It was very challenging and took awhile to master all the skills, but it was well worth all the time and hard work. The last activity I participated in was Outdoor Survival where we learned everything about foraging for edible plants, fire building, building a shelter, and fishing with rods we made. We even baked bannock over an open fire.

best camp experience for kids

The most unique and best thing about OPC is the strong focus they have on helping you develop a relationship with God. Whether it’s during the worship, the lesson, sectional devotions or personal devos, God will find a way to talk to you. My favourite worship time is always the last night where the room is full of prayer, worship and pure joy.

Another reason why I can’t wait to go back is because of my last and favourite memory of camp this past summer. I’d just been told I was leaving when about 20 friends and leaders gathered around me for a group hug. It may sound cheesy but whenever I think of OPC I always think of that moment and remember why I love camp. Relationships that will last a lifetime.

** A recent study done by the University of Waterloo showed children who attended summer camp, had an increase in Social Connections & Integration, Environmental Awareness, Attitudes towards Physical Activity, Emotional Intelligence, and Personal Development & Self-Confidence.    

I’m looking forward to next summer, this time I’d like to participate in their L.I.T. (Leaders In Training) program. They’ll be spending 2 weeks learning and developing leadership skills. Following this, they’ll go on a 4 day canoe trip, and finish up with 2 weeks of co-leading a chalet. It’s going to be awesome!

I am so glad my parents made summer camp a priority in our lives! 

Registration is now open – Save $50 each week if you book before January 18th.

**Inter-Varsity has camps all across Canada, including Circle Square Ranches.**


It’s not just my family who loves this camp… Ontario Pioneer Camp made Babble.com 30 of the Best Family Camps in North America – 2013 list!

There are other offers and discounts are available: Scholarships, Bring a Friend Rebate, Volunteer, Scheduled Payments, Ask your Church, and Tax Benefits for Fitness. If you need Financial Assistance give the camp office a call.

Finally, if you are in the position to help them reach their goals in sending 1,000 kids to camp on Scholarships and other items that need to be purchased for the camps across Canada – here’s a cool Christmas Gift Idea… Give the Gift of Camp!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. A group hug never is cheesy. Amazing post Quinton! Your right he will speak to you in many ways :).

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