I’ve already shared in previous posts about the Law vs. Grace; the purpose of the Law; the New Covenant we are now under as Christians and so much more so I won’t go over those again.

These are a few “ah ha” moments that I experienced from our Leader’s trip with Rob that I shared with the church during my message:

* Trying to become “holy” / “righteous” through performance (which is old covenant even if we continue to do it today), i.e. rituals, taboos, cultural norms, check-lists, and formulas, etc. are only behaviour modification techniques. It is conforming not transforming and that is what Romans 12:2 says we are to do. Transform: a complete metamorphose.

* Answer this question for yourself, I had to? “Have you died to the Law?” Read Romans 7:1-3, it’s an illustration given to law-makers of the day in regards to the law of marriage. In verse 4-6 he likens it to either being married to the old covenant – the law of sin and death or being married to the new covenant – the law of life. You cannot divorce the law ~ you can only die to it. Gal. 2 says we were crucified with Christ and Rom. 6 says that we were co-buried, co-ascended and co-seated with Christ.

You have to understand that the old covenant law is like being married to a fault-finding husband, who is powerless, doesn’t lift a finger to help you, who is always irritatingly right, who is impotent and leaves you barren because no life can ever produced and is always accusing you, leaving you feeling guilty at every turn. Sounds like a great marriage doesn’t it?!

We can’t be married to both of them, if we do then we are committing spiritual adultery. How do we know if we are? When you fail or fall or when things aren’t working out as you had planned, under Grace – the new law of life, do you say to yourself and to Jesus, your legitimate husband? “I’m going back under that other husband for a while, to straighten up, get it right, become more worthy, I sinned, I fell short, I failed you again, I need to improve myself, pray harder, pray longer, give more, etc. and when I get back into line – then I’ll be good enough for you.”

Just imagine Jesus’ response, a husband that loved you so much that He died in the most horrible fashion while you (the human race) were casting lots, mocking or denying Him – while we were yet sinners. He didn’t wait until we had asked forgiveness. What would He have to say about this?

With tears streaming down His face, “Do you think I am an insecure husband? Did you think that I didn’t know you had imperfections and idiosyncrasies? I never had any illusions! I knew everything about you when I took you on, embraced you. I am the perfect husband to my bride. I can love you unconditionally because the integrity of heaven’s high court of justice was FULLY satisfied by me on the cross on your behalf. You’ve been redeemed from that abusive husband. 24 hours a day, the Father’s love and acceptance can pour into you.”

It’s not about what we do for God, our works for the Kingdom, our spiritual resume, doing “stuff” to make us feel more holy or worthy or more righteous to prove we are living a pure life. It’s about whether or not our lives attract unsaved people to the gospel! We’re not about cloning ourselves, or controlling people or trying to fit into a stereotype of “church people”. We want freedom, life, blessings, signs and wonders, peace, fruitfulness, and His presence and that is brought to us through Grace – full, pure Grace and we can only have that if we live only under the new covenant, the law of life.

Grace liberates us and even though we mess up or make mistakes, Grace gives us the confidence to come boldly to the throne room of Grace and enjoy God, His presence and His power. Things that you’ve struggled with are no longer an issue. By process – progressively they fade away.

This is true sanctification!! And it’s ours!!

This is Good News?!


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  1. This is soooo good. Thanks for posting it.

  2. That was awesome. It reminds me of a little thing that I heard in high school. (You are probably going to wonder why I thought of this from THIS post, but I did) It is that jealousy and love cannot live in the same heart. I guess in the same way that Grace and Law cannot be married. That is what I thought of though. I loved this post.

  3. so awesome! ah huh oh yah it’s my sista and she’s a preacher oh yah ah huh

  4. Great post. That part about dying to the Law, because we are unable to divorce from it…… powerful way to put it. Sounds like you really had a feast for serious eaters. Thanks for bringing the takeout to us.

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