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Dorm rooms are tiny spaces! When you’re getting ready to send your post-secondary child off for the first time, and they’re living in residence… keep TINY LIVING in mind. I have two kids in University and keeping their rooms tidy is a challenge. Clutter is added stress they don’t need. Keeping organized is key!

I asked my daughter what her biggest organizational challenges were for her dorm room last year. Two areas stand out… the first…

Her closet!

Last year: Her side of the closet was maybe 3 feet wide, with no doors, and one rod which only allowed her to insert one hanger per inch. We didn’t know this until she arrived.

Her roommate (her cousin) went out and purchased an extendable shower rod to add a second level of hanging space. They quickly picked up storage bins and buckets to help keep it all in one place.

When she returns this year, she’ll be going back with a few more organizational items for her closet:

  • Shoe rack (in the closet or under the bed storage)
  • Multi-hanger system
  • More storage bins and buckets

Her desk was their second challenge to keep organized and tidy.

Keeping papers from going everywhere, knowing where pens were, finding post-it notes fast… but more importantly; being able to study in a clutter-free environment. Less clutter equals less stress!

This was Emma’s desk and study space last year; her first year living in residence at Trinity Western University.

This year, she’s added a few more things to the list of things she needs to keep her desk organized and her study space clutter free:

  • Desk drawer organizer
  • Portable storage caddy
  • 3M Command strips (our dorms don’t allow tacts in the walls)

Their dorm room floor space is limited, so thinking outside the box. Go up onto the walls, under the bed, and behind the door. If you’re starting a Pinterest board for “Dorm Storage Ideas,” look for creative ideas from those who live in tiny spaces. Here are a few other posts worth reading:

Read my last blog post which includes a list of items my returning University students have requested as essential dorm decor; there are more suggestions for keeping things organized. Dorm Essentials: Dorm Decor


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