I showed up at my doctor’s office shortly after they opened this morning. I didn’t want to wait until they opened their phone lines and then wait some more as I wait until I can get a line!!

2:40pm ~ Why is it that you are in the waiting room longer than in the actual examination room?? My JZ (6 month old) has Bronchiolitis and a severe ear infection (he said it was bulging). Doc changed JZ’s medication for the ear infection he gave us a week ago and also prescribed a puffer.

We (myself, baby, 3 yr old and 5 yr old) were standing around the drug store waiting for the prescription to be filled, picking up a few Valentines chocolates that were 50% off… when the Pharmacist asks me if we have a drug plan. A drug plan? What’s that? She asks me again – in case I’ve misunderstood her. Ok, I’m getting worried by this point. The prescription was over $100.00. I had to phone my hubby to see if we had that kind of money. Just enough. I had to buy a child ventilator thingy and remembered that a friend of mine had one – she however was using it for her baby (1 yr) right now but remembered that another one of our friends had one… So here I am not wanting to pay for the tube ($49.99) with a line behind me all wanting me to get on with my purchase. My second friend had the tube portion but no mask. The pharmacy sold individual masks, thank goodness, and for $25.00 I bought it. I still spent $100 though…. remember those chocolates I spent all that time looking at….


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  1. ahhhhh your poor baby!! glad they figured out what was wrong!!
    and yikes I hate it when they ask me about drug plans too….thankfully we have one….but I always wonder, do people who don’t have a drug plan don’t get the good medicine????
    just a thought…..sometimes I can get all conspiracy like!!!
    did I spell conspiracy right??

  2. Oh, poor JZ. We don’t have a drug plan either and learned this year what the real cost of medincine (which is why I am happy we don’t use it a whole lot!)

    I believe you spelled conspiracy right!!

  3. hunny there is a conspiracy we pay lots for the same meds you get for nothing get it…

  4. We thought Canadians got everything medical free–at least that’s what we’re told (in the USA).

  5. Everything but medical prescriptions and surgery that is elective i.e. cosmetic are free (not really free though – we are HIGHLY taxed!) When I worked full time I had a great benefits package, 100% of my prescriptions were covered. Those were the days…

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