Waawee here,
Yesterday we got up at 6:30 am and followed some awesome friends to the Oktoberfest parade. We really enjoyed it. The kids were great, I thought it would be a chore to wake them and get them out the door at 7:15!. There’s a saying that if “your kids are great for others, then you’re doing a great job” Kids always talk back to the parents. Back in 2001 I talked back to God, I even through a water bottle at Him while driving, heading home one evening after a rehersal with the band. It bounced back off the roof of the van and almost hit me. (I sing and have done recordings…bla bla). It felt good to get real mad at our Father,(knowing we’re allowed to get mad when we really are) and I “swear” I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Have you had enough?” !.

It’s laundry day today, all of their cloths look the same, except Emma’s. Oh,.. and Jac’s. I have to lay them beside each other and duh, Q’s is the largest, but my A.D.D brain can’t comput right away.

No really, I am A.D.D. In the 60’s they did’nt know what to do with kids like us, so I was shipped to another school, where my friends were either “retarded” (the old slang) now “mentaly challenged” or (down-sen-drome)< I'm sorry, I don't know how to spell it. My D.S friend was named "Dicky". My kids love this story, they had laughted so hard when they first heard of this part of my childhood, and they still do, brats!. I know they're going to make me tell it to the Grandkids. I’m hopeing to take a walk in Waterloo today, yesterday on the way to and from the parade I saw some awesome old house’s made of brick, the neighborhood’s full of them and the trees are all colours, it’s so cozy looking. I wonder if anyone will think it strange if I stop at stare at their house’s?. When Liam goes to school, Jacob and I will drive to this place and walk!. Can’t wait. Hope I don’t get lost. Well got to go, Jac will wake from his nap soon and Liam would like the comput. PS. Jacob has slept throught the night 2x now! and counting.
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  1. The parade sounds like fun! And I’m so jealous about the beautiful Fall colors everyone is seeing! It’s still hot here and summer like here in Texas!! I imagine our leaves will start turning around November or December!

  2. wow you are making your rounds while you are there!!!
    and woot woot to Jake sleeping thru the night! shash will be SO happy!!
    back East looks so European to me, when I am there I keep thinking I have to change my $$ from Canadian!! hehehe

  3. You are doing so well with the kids. And JZ loves you so much! Yah for him sleeping through the night. You will be a great Grandma.
    (by the way, this is Meghan)

  4. I remember your friend Dicky…you rode the bus with him. He probably gets called Richard now.

    Hope you didn’t get lost (or arrested) looking at old houses. I love those old brick homes..we don’t have that old architecture out here.

    Glad you’re having fun.

  5. The parade was very good this year, and the kids love it. Something they look forward to. I love the old houses here too, except that it is not that much fun to live in one…$$$ (our house is about 80 years old)

  6. I’m glad you’re having so much fun with the kids!! I love looking at those big old nice houses too. Have a great day!!

  7. Hope you have fun!!!

    Sorry I’ve almost disappeared from the blogosphere! I have been SUPER busy, but I’ve gotten alot accomplished.

    Good to read your blog again!


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