They were watching Chris through the night (on Thursday night) very closely as they didn’t expect him to survive. Surgery yesterday went 8 hours long and the doctor’s think it was a success. He didn’t have to loose his hand or his foot. This is an update from Patti about her brother. If you’ve been reading the updates on Patti’s blog, you’ll already know the following:

Chris has been off of sedation for a while now and has not regained consciousness yet. So now he is technically in a coma and is not breathing on his own; he is still on a respirator. He also has a fairly high fever and they are not sure of the cause yet. He could have an infection of some sort or it could be related to something to do with his mental activity.

His heart rate has been dropping throughout the day, which is a good thing. He was at 140 bpm yesterday and last night and then has been 135 bpm for most of the day and as of now, he is averaging 125 bpm. Still high, but getting better.

We really need prayer though about him regaining consciousness quickly, and his fever. We are also asking for a complete miracle, because the x-ray on his foot shows that most of his foot bones (left foot) are crushed to powder, so there is a lot to do there.

He is scheduled for surgery on Sunday for his foot and they will probably work on his face and skull a bit there. The good news on that front is that most of the cracks on his facial bones and skull are lined up properly so will require no adjustment, but his jaw does need to be reset. If it gets reset and stays in place, then they don’t need to do anything further and he will heal up nicely. If it is loose or not stable, then they will need to wire his mouth shut which will make the recovery very uncomfortable.

So the prayer emphasis is as follows:

Regain Consciousness
Lower / No fever
Lower Heart rate
That his jaw would be stable after it is set
that his foot would be healed.

We’ll keep you posted…

Thank you for your continued prayers for Christopher!


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  1. I prayed for Chris and will continue to. I also pray for his family that God will give them great peace as they stand by him. I pray for his complete healing.

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