A couple of weeks ago we phoned a friend, to see if his electrician could come to our place and start running the proper lighting and other wires for us. Then last week my hubby and friend, SB, started framing in the kitchen, which I was so excited!! Then our friend PR called and said that his electrician could come and SURPRISE… he’s sending up 5 other guys to help us finish framing!!

On Friday, 6 guys in total including our friend PR, showed up just after breakfast and worked for 8 hours!! Then they came back today too!!! They framed the duct work, the rest of the kitchen and the bathroom in. They wired the kitchen all up, the plugs for the fridge, dishwasher, pot lights, track lighting and dimmer switches. The also took a jack hammer to the floor in the bathroom and moved the drain for the shower. WOW!

It looks so cool, it’s coming together and I can see the end of the tunnel. I’ll take some before and during pictures and post them soon. I may have a living space by the time my Missy turns 6 in May!!



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  1. Sounds like they got a lot done. Looking forward to the pics.

    Hugs Suz

  2. Yay, won’t it be nice to have your own space finally?!!

  3. that is great!! they really are on a roll!! I am excited for you cuz I know what “space” you are living in right now!

  4. Wow! I bet you can’t wait to get it all done. All we did was paint our kitchen a couple of months ago and it completely threw us off. What a mess. I can’t imagine if I were you! We have to have our electric worked on as well. :p

  5. I feel you construction pain. Isn’t it funny how something like that can just lift your spirits.

    Congrats !

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