Today was the second skating lesson for my two oldest darlings, they looked so cute out there on the ice. Last week I actually almost cried seeing them out there – it was that cute!!

My oldest does a great impression of Rageddy Andy – he flops all over the place. He did a better job cleaning the ice with his butt than the Zamboni did!! I’m so proud of him though, each time he fell (which was every few steps) he got right up and continued on – all wide-eyed and with a big smile on his face. Today he looked exhausted by the end of the hour long lesson. He worked so hard… his hair was soaked under his helmut and his knees are so bruised!!

My little Missy likes to take things nice and slow ~ whatever it takes to keep herself from becoming one with the cold-hard-wet stuff below her precious feet. She has great balance and today she impressed me by not holding onto the wall and going across the ice rink all by herself. She even skated backwards!! The little figure skating angels on the ice pad next to ours helped a bit I think. She wants to be just like them!!

As residents of the Great White North – skating is a prerequisite for everything Canadian. I grew up skating, my Daddio is an awesome skater. He grew up on outdoor ice rinks in Edmonton, Alberta where it goes -40 C easily. He could have been an Oiler. But since I haven’t skated in over a decade and my hubby was never that into it so I’m glad my hubby signed them up for this. Now I’m a proud Skater Mom, happy to be watching from the stands!

I’ll post pictures soon, I have to get my digital camera program for downloading onto my computer fixed! AUGH!


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  1. ooohhh that is sooo cool!! my kids keep bugging me about putting them in skating lessons too. member all the ice we USED to get??!! we used to have our own skates and skate outdoors on frozen ponds!! it was great when Cassie wasn’t falling in!! haha but seriously it hasn’t been cold enough for a long time to go skating outside here!

  2. Falicia went on time ans told me she wante lessons! I love Ice sakating to it is so cool your kids love it to!

  3. Ice skating – I always wanted to be a figure skater. I’d love lessons. I’ve skated on ice a few times but that’s it. How wonderful for your kiddos!

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