……. Uhmmmmm, I wonder how long Shash can go without checking in?, who all wants to make a bet?. We’re all Women, we would want to check in to see how the kids are doing right?, so perhaps the bet should be “how many times a day we and she would check in, until a blog is written?” The torcher would be for me not to write at all, or wait till late evening…… Shash, the house is still standing, and your “gifts” are doing really well, ahhhh relief. Enjoy the sandy shores, and just to let you know dear, I won’t write every day, sooooo…. you won’t have to wonder if the computer made it through the fire.

As I get older, I worry more, but for me, it’s my three dogs, three cats and a hamster!!. Or afraid the pit bull next door will climp over our fence to eat the “girls” (that’s what I call them, they’er sisters -our two boarder collie x’s) The third dog is their mom, I’d tell you what her name was but I can’t spell “taff-e-shire- terrier.”.

I only have Q and Jacob for the weekend, and am looking forward to Church tomorrow. Well, got to go, J is tired and is going for his nap.
Talk to you soon
Waawee and gang,
(J just fell asleep in my arms, it’s hard to type and hold a 13 month old,….when your 45 and don’t have baby arms)


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. You know Shash will be checking in every day at least!! I have been too…”what will Waawee write today?” I wonder. Check out my post…God is good. He’s arranging the perfect going away party for mom V.

  2. That’s nice. Aren’t little babies just so cute… and heavy!

  3. I love having you writing! Shash gave me access too but you are doing such a good job!
    have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

  4. I will be at the church tommorrow and can’t wait to meet another family member of shash’s

    lala was so much fun last march

    and I know Alden well now as I live across the street from him

    And her parents are awesome and I have met them many times

    from cheryl a

  5. It was nice to meet you at church, and we will definately see you next week. They are great kids!!

  6. Ah ha! I was just checking in to see if SHE was checkign in and actually posting!! And there was a new post! How wise was she to put someone in charge – I mean..the rest of us still need to READ someting don’t we? What will I have my morning coffee with, if everyone on blog-land goes on holidays?! Thanks Shash…for putting in a ‘ghost’ writer….I’ll keep checking in !

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