It’s been an incredible weekend! The sun and heat has returned and it’s feeling like summer again. Last weekend (Victoria Day long weekend) was miserable, cold and wet and COLD. Not today. I’m sweating it’s so sticky. I think the temperature gauge said 86F. It still feels warm – muggy like.

Enough about the weather though!

Today at church was a good day. We had a fundraiser BBQ for a friend at church who was diagnosed with cervical cancer a month or so ago. I wrote briefly about her awhile back, she’s 29 years old and has 3 young boys the youngest is now 15 months and a step-daughter who is 13. We raised almost $1,400 from today’s event. Which is incredibly awesome ’cause her first P.E.T. exam cost them a whopping $1,350 and that’s with a $1,000 discount!!! Yup that’s a lot of money and she has another scan to go through. They’re spending $175 a week in gas alone travelling back and forth to the cancer specialist, over an hour away. She was a bit tired today but is doing great overall. The tumour is shrinking and is not spreading. Tomorrow she spends the night in the hospital for the most evasive exam to date, they are doing radiation through an internal scope. The doctor’s say it is the most painful treatment to go through. I’ll be praying hard for her all day tomorrow.

I have another friend from church in the hospital tonight. She’s having her 3rd baby. She just called me from the road on the way there, her water broke a little while ago. Way to go C, you said you wanted to go early!!

So all in all – it’s been a very exciting day. Filled with laughter and tears and more even laughter. I hope I can sleep tonight!


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  1. No sleep for you…waiting for another reason to blog tonight!!

  2. that is exciting and I will be praying for both S and C tonight too

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