The other day, I guest posted on Shelley Henrdrix’s blog. It was a great privilege and honour to be listed with such incredible women in ministry from around the world, thanks again Shelley. I wrote about knowing where my value comes from, realizing that my identity doesn’t come from what I do but from who I am… in Christ Jesus.

I thought I was pretty confident and assured of who I was until heard Gianna’s testimony. Gianna Jessen is an abortion-gone-wrong-survivor, a genuine miracle.

It is undeniable that she has an incredible testimony but what hits me the most at this moment, is how strong she is. Learning what happened to her and to hear her say, “I’ve been hated since conception…” you would think that this woman would have serious self-worth issues or at least anger issues, but she doesn’t – she inspires me.

I don’t want you to listen to these videos (there are 2 parts) to hear the reasons for pro-life or to share with you more of my beliefs. In this particular instance… I want you to listen to her boldness and to her certainty of WHO SHE IS! 

Oh Lord, I have a lot to learn…

Part 1:

Part 2:


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I first heard about Gianna in a Brio magazine (I think it was) when I was a pre-teen. She is such an inspiration.

    I need the reminder to not let other people's anger or upset become a part of my life. Thanks.

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