I love the month of May. It is probably the busiest month out of the entire year for me – including Christmas – and I love it. I love being busy… well… most of the time.

This is what’s up with May from just my side of the family!!! If I added my hubby’s side… we’d be here ’til Tuesday!

My sis Tam just had a birthday a couple of days ago, I’ve lost count of what number it was. Probably because I don’t want to know how old I’m turning this fall. Lala’s youngest turns 4 on the same day we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary!

The following day my cousin Lori has a b-day. On the 13th Tam’s daughter is getting married, I’m flying out to BC on Monday with JZ (leaving behind my hubby with 3 kids to celebrate our anniversary alone!!). Jana was the flower girl in our wedding! The day after is Mother’s Day (which I get to celebrate alone with JZ on the flight home), which is sandwiched between our anniversary and my little princess’ birthday (and only princess), who turns 6 this year. Tam’s hubby has a birthday the day before my Daddio turns 60 on the 28th!!!! And I even remembered that my cousin’s son has a b-day on the 31st. I remember when he was born – was that 17 or 18 years ago?? Wow, how time flies! When my grandparents were still with us, this month was even busier. Both of my Grandmother’s birthdays were in May. Dave and I were married on my Nene & PopPop’s (my Mom’s parents) 56th wedding anniversary. Later that year PopPop went to be with the Lord. I miss having Grandparents; they were great godly people who left an incredible inheritance to their children’s children.

There are a ton more reasons why I love May so much but JZ is starting to wake up and I haven’t done an ounce of housework yet today. I did manage to go to the hairdressers and buy my dress for Jana’s wedding though…… priorities right?!


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  1. and lets not forget the fact that WINTER (and hybernation) IS OVER!!!! yeehaaa – sunshine, suntan lotion, sangria, salmon barbee’s, sand, surf and ….. you get my drift!
    (ps…do you think I’m getting any work done these days…this blogging is really addictive..soon there will be a 12 step, Bloggers Anonymous)

  2. 3 more sleeps huraahhh
    I told the girls this morning and they are excited however Emily is bummed that Q is not coming! and Hailey feels the same with Princess!!

    I just have to buy my shoes now! I bought the little sweater last night with mugwumpmom…speaking of cous…yes blogging is VERY addicting!!

  3. Wow you are busy for the month of May. Its sounds like my November it’s the busiest time of the year for me other then Christmas. Hope you have an awsome time with your family back home!

  4. I can’t believe you are leaving again!! No, really…priorities, I agree housework can definately be put on the backburner, right?

    and I agree blogging is VERY addictive, but priorities…

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