I have to admit – I am a good cook and I make an incredible meatloaf, my kids can attest to this. Even the teen that used to live with us used to ask for it on special occasions. Not roast beef or steak but meatloaf.

My kids are not picky eaters, they eat just about anything put in front of them. There’s a few things they’ve discovered that they would rather not eat and that’s ok, they tried it and even I don’t like everything… They say to their friends, “How do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tried at least one bite?” They also say, “If God sends you to Japan – you can’t eat PB & J sandwiches…”. It makes it easy to cook for them and I know other families enjoy having them over because of it too.

The reason I am talking about meatloaf is because it’s nearly midnight and I raided my fridge for a snack. I could have picked the banana-chocolate pudding pie I made today, or some yoghurt or even some ice cream… but no… I head for the meatloaf I made for dinner! It tastes like more… again.


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  1. I like meatloaf too, but I have never had yours! I hated meatloaf growing up but now I do like it.

  2. hi! I like meatloaf too..but I can’t say I’v ever tried yours. A resturant we are going to for Jason’s grad party has meatloaf sandwiches…they are good. really they are!

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  3. hmmmmm meeeaaatllloooaaff……drool drool drool

    2 more sleeps!!

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