The First Thirteen Things In A Long Time
By Shash
1…. I haven’t thought about TT for a couple of months!
2. K, maybe forgotten is a better word.
3. Half the time I’ve forgotten it’s Thursday let alone a TT day.
4. The baby is 10 months old so I can’t use the “baby brain” excuse much longer.
5. “They” say that it takes a full year after giving birth for your brain to go back to normal size.
6. Did you know that it shrinks during pregnancy?
7. I’m glad I’ve shrunk back into my “skinny” pants at least!
8. Unfortunately my chest is shrinking with it.
9. After that witty one, I’m stuck for what to write.
10. Speaking of being stuck… I’m stuck for design ideas for my living/kitchen/dining space.
11. I’ll be so happy to get into that space once it’s finished.
12. In 4 1/2 weeks my maternity leave is up and the cheques will be gone and if we don’t get the basement finished… my happiness may be put to the test.
13. Well, there you have it! You’ve witnessed a bit of my scattered and yes… still shrunken brain – I have 2 more months to be able to use that excuse! Maybe I can get another TT done before then, for now I’ll leave you to comment. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. HAH I’ll wait for your next TT in 2 months when your brain is back to normal size again.

    My list is up aswell. Check it out.

  2. isn’t it still technically Wed….isn’t that cheating??

  3. Well even if you believe that your brain has shrunk, at least you have #7 to feel good about 🙂

    My T13 is up

  4. My Pookie is bigger then 1 now, so I am lost for an excuse… My TT is up too!!

  5. I’m sorry your maternity leave is about up. I hope you get things done in time. Things are never quit the same after birth.

    Mines up, though not as interesting as yours!

  6. Brains shrink..who knew, can I use that excuse even though it wasn’t me who had the baby.

  7. Does it really shrink?!

    Gads! That explains everything!!

  8. Hehe, sigh. I know your pain all too well. I have had baby brain for years now.

    You have a cute blog. I will be back.

    My TT is up.

  9. honey, i shrunk my brain? hehehehe babies are always adorable!

    sorry that your maternity leaves is almost up but that’s life and hope your brain will be back to normal by then! huggies

    speedy recovery (to your brain that is hehehe)

    Happy TT, mine is up.

  10. I can’t believe your brain shrinks….

  11. how on earth do you decide which thought to track?

  12. Well, I’ve given birth 4 times so that explains alot with the brain shrinkage!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing some encouragement. I will keep striving for wisdom and not necessarily perfection. Great look (blog design) by the way. 😉

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