Well it’s time to head home and see how far my hubby was able to get on building our living space in the basement. We’ve been out of his hair for 5 days… I’m sure my FIL has enjoyed the peace and quiet at least.

We’ve had a good week. Q slept in a tent outside with his cousin Josh and Em has bunked with her cousin Monica (Mon is a horse lover and has a kitten, Em’s in heaven). They have been busy swimming each and everyday – almost all day long while my 3 year old has had fun on the trampoline and playing with their dog. I’ve enjoyed sitting by the pool; watching them play and vegging. I did bring a book with me but it didn’t get opened.

Mon has a horse so she took the kids to the barn on Thursday and they got to ride for a bit, all of them – including the baby who cried.. no screamed. He’s not so fond of large moving animals! I even managed to get on for a small ride around the ring. I used to ride all the time as a teen (we had 3 horses) but I haven’t been on a horse in a over a decade. K, a small ride a couple of years ago with the ladies from my church but… nothing else since 1995 at my Uncle’s Ranch!! I’m a little (lot) rusty!

Yesterday my SIL surprised me by taking me to the resort my niece works at – “to visit her on her coffee break” – and took me to the spa for a pedicure instead. She took all of my kids for the hour while I got to soak and get my feet all nice and soft and pretty. I even got to take the nail polish home, it’s a pretty red!! Lots of fun this week!! Oh yah….. JZ took 6 steps last night (he’ll be 11 months on the 16th) and loves to just stand there. He’s so proud of himself, he gets up – lets go – and stands, smiling all the while. He’ll be walking full time soon!

The neighbour is having a garage sale right now and they’ve just come in with a list of the things they want to buy. PPLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE MMMOOOOOMMMM! They’re just as bad as me when it comes to a sale!!!

We’ll head out this afternoon – after the kids have had a chance to swim again. I tossed up staying longer but it is our church’s annual picnic tomorrow and I wouldn’t miss time with my other family for all the world!!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Glad you had a relaxing week Shashi; safe travels home. And JZ is taking steps….aaawwwwww!
    Love you cous!

  2. Sounds like you had an awsome trip! Wish I could of joined in the fun…:)!

  3. a pedicure sure sounds nice! Thanks for posting on my blog – I look forward to reading yours as well.

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