Over the last couple of months we’ve really debated whether or not to sell the RV. My parents sold it to us last September. (It’s the one on the right, my parents have the one on the left) We left BC and drove south where we spent 8 days in Oregon all together and then 7 days going cross-country with 4 little ones and my father-in-law. We saw some incredible sites; The Oregon Trail, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton Mountains were among the best by far and it was a wonderful journey even if it tried my patience just a little bit…

I was talking with my folks about our current financial situation, trying not to go back to work (which I will end up doing in October) and trying to finish the house we moved into almost a year ago. My dad said it was ok if we did infact sell the RV. I felt SO much better having his blessing on it. I appreciate what they were trying to do for us but the timing is just not right. Once he said to go ahead, it was like a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. Relief!

Yesterday my hubby brought it home from the garage it’s been sitting at since the spring. It’s been Certified, which is street talk for, “quick money grab”, $500 later and all the boxes are checked off. It’s officially “Road Worthy”. The mechanic was actually very impressed with the condition of it; the engine, the brand-new transmission, the new brakes etc. ~ all he needed to do was replace a tail light! He had a few people inquire about it while it was there but at the time we weren’t 100% sure we were going to part with it.

It is a 1989 Okanagan Class C with a Ford chassis. (I really don’t have a clue what that means exactly but I hear it’s a good thing) It has about 150,000 kilometers on it. We are thinking of asking $18,000 – $20,000 (Canadian) for it. Don’t gasp! It’s a West Coast RV that’s in incredible shape and out west similar ones have sold for this amount. I’ve had others gasp out here in the east but when you compare apples to apples… we’re in the right ball park.

If anyone is seriously interested let us know, make an offer – for the right price we’ll even drive it to you if you’re out of Province or even in the US. I’m not kidding… It’s going in the Auto Trader on Monday.
update: It’s Monday, the photo’s been taken and it’s ready to go! We want a quick sale so we’re asking $15,995 cdn. It’s fully loaded – the mechanic says it’s like new, excellent condition – a great find!


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