My hubby took 6 others from our church deep into Algonquin Park this summer, one of them was our oldest son, Q. They enjoy the great outdoors, canoeing and portaging through some of God’s greatest handiwork. If you’ve never experienced the Great Canadian Outdoors… you really need to! Every year he puts together a group of guys to go with him, to help them enjoy nature as much as he does. He’s done this with our church for as long as I’ve known him.

Before hearing God call him to become a Pastor, he wanted to be a Forest Ranger. I tell ya… he’s most at peace when he’s on a canoe or in a hammock beside a lake. He loves teaching others the skills required to go on such an adventure as well. One day…. he wants to own and run a camp, where he can do things like this… all year round! Yes… even in the dead of winter and yes… in Canada!! He loves sleeping in an igloo!! Strange… I know! It’s so not me. Funny how opposites attract…

The desire to start a camp is growing. In me too. I know that God has placed that desire within my hubby and I can see great potential to reach people through it. He sees it as a place to provide a place for kids in particular to have access to things they wouldn’t normally have access to, like camping/canoeing/portaging, etc and I see it as a place where families who can’t afford a vacation and need to get away, can come to. In particular… pastoral / ministry families who need a place to get away, to enjoy each other, in peace and quiet. That’s my dream, a place of rest and restoration. Either way, a place where great memories are created.

I believe in dreaming… it’s the door to creating the future. I hope you enjoy the short movie clip of the photos they took, the little guy… that’s my son. 🙂 He’s so much like his daddy.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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