I can’t believe it’s already Friday! Another week has flown by and nothing got crossed off my list of “things to do”. Not that I actually put a list together…. but I guess I managed to do a few things. The house isn’t upside down and laundry is all caught up so that’s a bonus!!

I met with a couple of managers at the credit union this afternoon to talk about my job with them. It will be easier on all of us if I wait until after we get home from our cruise around Hawaii in October. I may do a little refresher course the week leading up to our trip but it looks like I’m free for the summer and possibly the first few weeks of September.

This will be ok, I will be able to have more time off with the family – time to ween JZ – time to finish the basement and move into it, decorate it… but then I’ll also be able to financially participate in this family. The basement has cost us $10,000 on credit so far and the drywall isn’t done!!

Dave on the other hand has been extremely busy! Some of it I caused him… I being the generous one – always trying to help and please people… promised our pop-up trailer to a family in our church to use while church camping next weekend. I didn’t realize the extent of the roof damage! It’s completely ruined, wet-rot all the way around. Not only does the wood need to be replaced but the siding can’t be reused, needs to be replaced now too. So now – on top of working every day on our basement so I can have a kitchen and get out of Dad’s space… he’s also trying to get our RV on the road for camping next weekend (total drama happening there!!) and now fixing the trailer. If he didn’t have grey hair before… he will soon!!


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  1. I have a million things to do as well that I have not finished.

  2. why can’t you tell the people that you didn’t realize the trailer was so damaged and they have to make other arrangements! I wouldn’t worry about fixing it….that takes more $$$ and you have a basement to finish!!

  3. Camping is next weekend and reservations have already been made and you don’t get 100% back if you cancel and they do not “tent it”. Plus I have the people pleasing disease and would hate to think I let anyone down…. So far the wood to replace the old has cost us $100… O

    I also forgot to mention that when I got in the van today… the radio/cd/clock didn’t work, it must be a fuse…. one thing after another! I hate whinning so I’ll stop before I start crying….

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