I finally got through to our doctor’s office this morning and booked my hubby a consultation for his appointment for the big “V”. Apparently he won’t be “fixed” until after our trip to Hawaii…. this doesn’t make me too happy… I don’t want to come back with an extra souvenir!!!! The referral appointment is for Monday but the “fix-it” doctor won’t see him for his consultation (not even the actual snip snip appointment) until the end of October at the earliest. Which means my eggs will be running scared for a while still….


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  1. ahhhh finally he goes!! just be careful…our family has NO problem getting pregnant as you know!!!!

  2. Uh-oh, don’t play on too many ‘leis’ in Hawaii.

  3. hey tell my little bro he has to go he cannot beat me by having five I just found out my friend who is the same age as I is pregnant. Her first husband died several years ago and now she is blessed with a wonderful husband who has never had children.Well see suprises arnt all that bad if it happens it happens for a reason remind him thats why he (my little bro) is here.

  4. My hubby got “fixed” a few years ago. I have to say it has been the best!! When I called to get him an appt to have it done all they had open for months was on Valentines Day. I think I practically yelled into the phone…I’ll take it!! I told him sorry honey, I’ll have to make it up to you next year! He wasn’t to happy with me then…but, he got over it!

  5. Well, have a “V”ery good time in Hawaii!

  6. My friends just had a reversal of the “V” and are trying again, so don’t look at it as permanent! πŸ™‚ I know you just wanted to strike that comment from the record, eh?

  7. I had my tubes tied while I was already open from giving birth by C-section with the last one. I still keep wanting hubby to get the “V” too just for extra insurance, but he won’t; big baby.

  8. I am so proud our hubbies can hold hands we can tell them

  9. it takes time though doesn’t it for it to be effective. don’t you need to go bakc for a test to see? A couple from my former work had five kids and then the V didn’t work and they got another!

    good luck – and have a GREAT time in Hawaii! πŸ™‚

  10. Why don’t you just go on the pill for a while? Or, even use a condom? It wouldn’t hurt, just using precautions…until the ‘V’, is finalize. Although, I will not forgot Alden explaining his ‘V’ experience to us youth, after The Aquire of Fire in Hamilton one year…at WENDY’S. None the less, let’s just say I was not enjoying my hamburger. Lol, but hey…you have the room for one my child? This, would also give you another reason to not work!!!!

  11. You know, if we women told our men we wanted them gelded instead of fixed, they might not be so adverse to the idea. Imagine his puffed chest…
    “honey, don’t you think it’s time you got gelded?” denoting that if after the deed he’s a gelding, then before the deed he must be a stud…you see where I’m going with this? LOL

  12. Thanks for coming over to visit today. I fear that we rushed to excitement, though, because it seems that this is a very disturbed man, but maybe not the murderer. I wish the media would cool it a bit.

    I tried to talk my hubby into the V (30 years ago almost), but he wouldn’t hear of it. He was plenty penitent when I got violently sick from the anaesthesia (sp?) after the tubal.

    We went to Kona for our 25th and haven’t been able to get back. It was paradise. Have a wonderful time! Come back with only souvenirs that you buy!

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