I’ve never been a big fan of profanity, not even in my “rebellious” phase in my teens. I’d use the “s” word or I’d try to sound tough and throw out a few other words but I remember it sounding awkward to my ears, hearing it come out of my mouth. It was an act. It was never something I said in private when no one was around – so I began to wonder why I ever said it in public around my other friends who frequently swore.

I was raised quite differently. Words hold value and profanity wasn’t tolerated. My parents never cursed – they didn’t even say bad things about people (even about people who stole from them or said bad things about them). My dad always said that what you say about someone else would come back to you. Words are precious; they bring life or death to your life.

This Scripture has stuck with me through the years, Colossians 3 (the Holy Living chapter) verse 8, “But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips.” We all know that as new Creations – anger or gossip aren’t supposed to be part of our lives but the same goes for profanity; it’s just as bad. God places a high expectation on Words and on us to watch what words we use; in the Amplified He calls this “shameful” talk. Words have power.

For me when I hear severe swearing in a movie or in a public place it goes straight to my heart, like a dagger. If the movie is so full of profanity that it is all I can hear then I will turn it off or walk out, I can’t take it. Afterwards in my quiet time, it’s all I can hear echoing through my head and I don’t like it at all. Words stick with you so I don’t see the need for using useless language. Words are everlasting. You know the saying, “Sticks ‘n stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me!” HOGWASH (never thought I’d use that term…)

I don’t understand when “Christians” use it (I totally get the difference between new believers vs. long-time Christians, I’m talking about those who have been saved for a while and have heard what God has to say about this but don’t change). My hubby plays a lot of sports and he hears it on the volleyball court all the time, even from some Christian friends. He asked them one day why they swear when they mess up a play and the friend said, “Oh – that’s just my sports talk”. It made no sense to my hubby – to him – he doesn’t act a different way in private from public or on the court or off. We live the same at home as in front of the church and it’s not that we’re “different” ’cause we lead a church; that’s a pretty lame excuse. The Bible says ALL believers are the priesthood, there’s no difference between us. Either our words are wicked or wise – deceitful or do good (Ps. 36:3). Don’t let your mouth make you sin (Eccles. 5:6).

God doesn’t live in the grey we shouldn’t either.

Here are some other Scriptures about words:
Read all of Psalms and Proverbs…
Ecclesiastes 5:2 (actually reading all of Ecclesiastes would be good too…)
Isaiah 59:21 (this is just one of many Scriptures where God says He wants His words to be in our mouth)


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  1. I hear you! That kind of talk was never tolerated in our house growing up either. It always felt weird speaking like that as a teen. All the friends I chose to hang out with cussed and so I though I would, to be cool and fit in!! It bothered me then and still does when I hear it…

  2. hey i hear ya acually when I’m at work if one of the ladies swear they say oh sorry judy. They have never heard me swear and hopfully never will. I also grew up in a home where it was not tolerated it was very rude and defamitory.

  3. you know I love to read novels but if I am reading one and there is bad language I stop reading it and throw it away, reading those words gets it into my spirit and next thing you know I am swearing in my dreams and even taking the Lords name in vain….so I have been very careful of what I read too!

    I am not going to say I am innocent in letting a bad word slip now and then cuz I do, but I have the same thing were it doesn’t sound right or feel right

  4. did you read my blog tonight?

    I tried calling you but I couldn’t get thru

  5. Excellent! We must “guard our heart with all diligence” because “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

    Words are like seeds. Good seeds produce good fruit. Bad seeds produce bad fruit. So we have a choice. Which kind of seed are we going to sow? And more importantly, what is the condition of our heart?

    Thanks for writing such a thoughtful post.

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is true. Swearing hits me too – like a dagger.
    The other night, hubby and I went to a restaurant, and the lady behind me was swearing the entire time. Ouch. I was very uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe me ears that every other word that came out of her mouth was dirty – I mean really dirty…

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