Q got to BC safe and sound. I liked the fact that he was landing in a little town airport rather than Vancouver International. Indulge me for a bit while I do a shout out to Westjet for their incredible service! Yeah, you guys rock! My sister Lala picked him up and took him right away to my other sis’s house for a family bbq and swim. I talked to the big man when he got there and he said the flight was great, no tv or movie but he read his new book, ate his snacks and talked with the people sitting next to him.

Today he is off to California with my parents and his cousin. They will be driving down after my Dad gets his work stuff together, just like my Dad – this trip combines business with pleasure. He’s meeting a family in San Fransisco to expand his business with them (they own muliple millions of $$ in properties in Vancouver). They are spending the weekend with the family; it’s one of the granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah. I love that Q will get to experience this, we love learning and sharing in other cultures. My parents will have to take him clothes shopping though… Then they’re off to Disneyland for 2 days and Universal Studios for 1 then driving back north to BC.

I can’t wait to hear his stories…


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  1. Great that he made it there safe and sound. What a relief! I’m sure you finally took a breath, huh?

  2. I posted the pic of them standing outside the RV on my blog! too cute!

  3. I love hearing about B.C… AND Ontario. I was born in the latter, and grew up in the former, and now I’m living in the ol’ USA! Thanks for sharing your family stories Shasher… bringing me a little bit closer to home.

  4. ok I emailed the pics directly to you let me know if you didn’t get them

  5. I’m glad he is there safe and sound. He is growing into such a mature young man.
    See ya tomorrow!

  6. Great that your son made it safely to his destination. I am sure he will have loads of fun. Wish I could trade with him right now.
    Have a blessed day in the Lord.

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