We’re leaving soon for church camp. We’re going up one day early and spending it with my hubby’s sister. She lives about a half hour from the campground. She has no power though ~ last night’s incredible lighting storm struck their main power grid and knocked out power last night, they’re saying it could be out for a couple of days.

I actually sat on my porch last night and watched the sky, it was so beautiful but a little scary too, a tornado touched down 20 minutes from my place earlier in the day. Sitting on the porch reminded me of when my hubby and I were first married, sitting on the porch of our first house staring in awe at the sky.

My hubby is busy packing the RV (which cost us $2,052 in total to be able to take it away for the weekend! That includes: certified, e-tested, insurance & plates) I better go help him. My 3 year old is loading it up with all of our cereal; apparently that’s all we need to eat!

Have a great long weekend! See you when we get back!!


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  1. Can’t wait to see you up there…my kids are so excited it will be hard to get them to sleep tonight.
    P.S. The tornado touched down by J’s work, I thank God that he was not heading to work early yersterday

  2. Have a great time at camp! I hope no one was hurt in the tornado. .

  3. Hi Shash –
    Thanks for your comments! Sorry I’m just getting over here. A camping trip sounds like fun. Don’t eat too much cereal!

  4. haha Lili is SO funny! wow you guys get all the great weather eh?!

    have fun!!!

  5. The weather was crazy at our place. But our power came back on this morning in our part of town! Trees are still everywhere though in some parts. See ya when I get home!

  6. Hope you have a great time at camp!!!!

  7. I saw the tornado story on the news…WOW!
    Have a great time at camp.
    I love you Shashi!!!


  8. how fun!!! And if you’re going camping, a camper is definitely the way to do it!!! lol

    I know when the family goes camping, it may feel crunched for the first few days. But after you get used to it, it’s a great feeling. Then when you get home, you almost feel “empty” because you don’t have the closeness you got so used to!

    And cereal is the best way to go! 🙂 My little sis has that figured out, too. We’ll be down to one box of her favorite cereal while we’re camping (or on a roadtrip) and she’ll be like, “Maegan, we’re getting low on cereal…I need some more!” She’s so cute!!!

  9. Have fun relaxing and drinking in some time away from home.
    Be blessed…

  10. This is in response to a question you posted on my site: You asked how I had the “drop down boxes” you use this site.


    When it let’s you change colors of the boxes here are the colors I used on your blog (the code’s to enter in the boxes)


    also black and white are

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