The last 24 hours in my world have been exhausting! Physically, emotionally and financially draining! Let me give you a quick glimpse… k, it’s not so quick but bare with me…

On top of trying to fix the pop-up trailer, finish off electrical stuff in the basement, get the RV on the road, Q leaving on his first plane ride today, and the full effect of my maternity leave ending and the cheques not coming in but not working until October having just set in…. Liam cracked his head open! Yup, you heard me right! This has all happened in Shasher’s life in the past 24 hours!! Which do you want to talk about first?

Let’s start with the most important… my 3 year old, Liam, was at a sleepover and he was all excited to spend time with our old exchange student in his new digs. They decided to take Li Li swimming in their apartment pool, which was cool with me. Liam was doing great ~ having a blast ~ when he slipped on the stairs and slammed his head on the concrete around the pool. SMACK! Jerry and Hui grabbed him quick and put him in their car, called me and drove him over to my place. I thought they were overreacting at first; it was my suggestion that they just bring him home. I’d check it over and give him an ice pack. Well! I saw it and yelled for the rest of the kids to get their shoes, the keys and GET IN THE VAN!! (Dave was in Hamilton with his dad at a church meeting. His brother-in-law’s brother is up preaching at a church there. He didn’t know what happened until around 10pm and came to the hospital.) We rushed to the hospital with Jerry following close behind. The look on Jerry’s face was of sheer horror. He was so sorry Li had hurt himself – he was totally and completely beside himself. When all was said and done… we left the hospital 4 hours later with 7 or 8 stitches. I wasn’t counting. I was trying to get him to focus on me so that he wouldn’t panic more than he already was. We got home close to 1am and it was a rough night for me. I had Li and JZ in my bed; while I nursed the baby every 2 – 3 hours (yes… still! He’ll be a year in two weeks!) I was checking on the big man with the big bump who couldn’t sleep on his back. sidenote… what works for blood stains?? The head bleeds A LOT!! He’s back to being his little-ole silly self but has some new stories to add to his repertoire. Ask him to tell you about “the leak”, that’s what he calls it…

Now on to the other drama in my life that is my Recreational Vehicle(s)! There’s nothing fun about them right now!! The RV has cost us $1,000 this week alone, half of that in the last 24 hours!! We still have to shell out more money this week to transfer it from my parents name into ours and get insurance and plates to be able to drive it, that’s another grand by Thursday. OUCH! The pop-up trailer has cost us over $500 in the last week, half of that in the last 24 hours!! OUCH OUCH!! The basement has cost us…. we’ll I REALLY DON’T WANT TO GO THERE! The bee in my bonnet about this – this week… on top of the $509 city permit to renovate the basement we had to buy a $65 electrical permit this week! ‘Cause you know… they are different departments within the city! OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! Now we sit and wait until we can get an opening in their busy schedule for someone to come out and inspect what’s been done, no more work can be done until then.

The good thing is Q is off and everything went well. I was allowed to go beyond security and watch him take off. The ladies on board were all calling him Q and telling him they’d be taking good care of him, I think he was a little embarrassed by all the attention. He will be landing in BC in less than 2 hours (it’s 6:52pm now by the time I’m done writing). I know he’s going to be ok, he’s so confident and ready to travel. He almost didn’t say good-bye he was so excited! In a lot of ways he’s far above only being 7 years old. One thing we continuously pray over him (daily) is for wisdom beyond his years. Quinn means “wise one” and that’s what God told us he’d be when he was in my womb, but that’s another blog for another time.


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  1. I have been waiting for the update, after I saw your kids at our friends place later on last evening…oh my, he will be talking about it for a while, I am sure!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry. I can feel your pain as a mother when her babies get hurt. I’m praying for you and your family. May God’s peace fall on you right now!

  3. Wow, Liam your serious bringing Drama into the Mischuk household, lol, but I’m so shocked and was breatheless for a moment. I’m glad it didn’t require more than a few stitches. Your, angel was working like no tommorrow for you, last night,huh. I’ll continue praying for you, for your whole family Shannon. When I first read it, I wanted to call you and see if the pase has gone down, but then I realised the late. God provides all of our needs. Yeah, it’s much easier said then to wait for the results, but he will and I know you strongly stand on that. So, nothing I can say except..all will be good and well in do time. God Bless, Love Aminka

  4. Shash… I am so glad that all ended well. As for the blood stain you can try using peroxide, or you can use dual action oxi clean… I have some if you want to try it. Q was so cute last night praying, he totally knows that God and his angels are around him protecting him and all of your family. He will have such a great time. As for the other OUCH’S wow you have had a lot on your plate. If you need any help with the kids let me know… even if its helping to JZ off the breast. God bless you all and I know that he has favor is around you! CB

  5. ya let CB help you get JZ off the breast!!! that is SO tiring!! when Hailey started doing that at night….feeding WAY more than she needed….it was off she goes!!!

    I am glad Liam is doing better! and ya ouch ouch ouch….YIKES!!!

    and Q was so cute walking off the plane by himself! (with the attendant) and I cried when I saw him! they had fun at Tam’s but the pool was a bit TOO cold for them and now we are home and the kids are going to watch a movie and sleep in the play room together, they are SO happy to have him here!!

    love ya

  6. What a busy past 24hrs. I hope that Li is feelin okay. I guess its time for a nice relaxed weekend of camping and lots of smores!..I love the smore part of camping. We found a new way to make smore too. You use the chocolate digestive cookies, and then put the marshmellow in the middle, you can also add peanut butter to the cookie. They are soo good..See ya tomorrow!

  7. Hope Liam is doing well..and how about you mom??
    Freaky isn’t it!!

  8. I’m so glad to hear that Li is doing well and back to his normal silly self. He has such a joyful personality. I hope I have kids as wonderful as all of your one day.
    I Love you guys!

  9. Reading your story about little Liam reminded me of a little boy we saw at the water park about a month ago. A similar thing had happened to him apparently because he was going the opposite way in a line and his head was gushing blood. My kids wanted to get out of that line fast!
    Hope Liam is okay.

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