…the rain has gone. No just kidding, it has stopped raining but that’s not what this post is about…

The end is in sight! The basement is almost finished!! (Click here for the full history on the drama that is my house.)

Oh my goodness do you sense the joy in the air, can you actually smell the happiness? It’s been a very long time coming ~ not to mention a boat load of money has gone into it!! Can you say B.R.O.K.E.?!

My hubby has spent most of his free time in the dungeon this week ~ putting up the sound insullation and this thin green foam boards and all the hundreds of egg cartons and Tim Horton’s coffee trays (thanks to our friends at church for collecting)… and all the wiring needed…

…for surround sound!

He says it was a “need” not a “want”! I’ll give him whatever he wants at this point ~ I’m going to have a living room soon!!! I’m screaming inside of my head. (I can actually do that out loud in the basement soon and no – one – will – hear – me!!!) I’m going to be able to watch TV in another room other than my bedroom (affectionately known as my studio apartment).

The drywalling team will be here on Monday and Tuesday putting up all the board. Then the mudding needs to get done but by the time we leave for camping next Saturday I’ll be able to bring all the paint chips with me and decorating magazines I want and actually PICK something out ~ and buy it (when we get more money…) !! This means I have to make a decision on the colour & kind of cabinets I want for the kitchen (when we get more money…). Then we can decide on what kind of flooring to use (when we get… you know the drill!).

Heaven is just around the corner. I will soon get to unpack my boxes and actually move in to my house!!!

Start planning the party!!!!!!!!

I will share with you some photos soon ~ well… as soon as Blogger decides I can upload again!!


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  1. hey I am so happy for you that it is almost done!! nothing like living in a reno eh?! like we didn’t get enough as kids or what???

  2. Sounds very exciting! Sound proof is great… it’ll be fun to watch loud movies there and not worry about bothering anyone.

    By the way, a while ago you requested to have your site listed on our site “5 Minutes for Mom” and we’d love to list it, but I can’t get your email to work. I put a comment here a while back, but maybe you didn’t see it.

    If you’re still interested, please email me at info at 5minutesformom dot com.

  3. That sounds great! I’d love to have ‘surround sound’ somewhere in my house. Other than the ‘surround sound’ of my kids screaming!

  4. Wow!!!Rhat’s awesome, ‘surround sound’. I hope you know, this is an invitation for Stanley Cup games, Basketball All-Star weekends and of coruse Super Bowls!!! Although, I’m sure you going to love every bit of it! God, does really bless us to bless others. Your house is not a blessing for your family but a for your spiritual family to be blessed by your biological family! Amen….

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