The other night the wonderful ladies at Blissdom announced the location for this year’s Blissdom Canada event. It will be in October in Toronto. I don’t know the exact dates but it’s all a buzz on Twitter already! I’m sure you’ll get as excited as I am and not just because my photo appears on the front page of their site {twice}! 🙂

CL Buchanan Photography – Blissdom Canada 2010

Blissdom Canada 2010 was one of my first blogging conferences {even though I’ve been blogging since January 2006} and it was an incredible experience. One that STILL makes me smile when I think about it!

Why? Because it was, to me, about community and not just an event. I met the most incredible bloggers women and we bonded – it went way beyond simply exchanging our twitter handles and recognizing people from their avatars. A sisterhood emerged. Deep friendships were formed and yes, business deals have been made. After all… that’s what good networking does!

I had a few sponsors help me get to Blissdom Canada 2010 and for that I am extremely grateful. One paid for my hotel and Blissdom ticket, another supplied my skin care and another my clothing. People have asked me how did I get sponsorship, everyone is looking for sponsorship, and who wouldn’t be… these blog conferences can add up!

The thing I see online though… that I thought I’d address here… is the majority just tweet out that they are looking for a sponsor in hopes that the magic sponsor fairy will see their tweet and send them what they need. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way for the vast majority of bloggers in the bloggerverse.

Getting sponsorship for a blog conference takes some work! If you’re willing to do the work, it’ll pay off. It did for me. There are no shortcuts in this world… not even in the blogging world.

Here are some tips for getting sponsorship:

  1. Put together a “Media Kitor press/pr kit. It should list a description of your blog, your stats, samples of what you’ve done, companies you’ve worked with and of course the reason others should work with you. 
  2. Don’t just leave it there. Start reaching out to brands! As Adria from GM Canada said in my interview with her a couple of months ago. Send them an email, give them a call… send them a vlog – make an appointment to meet them! Be proactive and do something.
  3. Consider partial sponsorships from multiple brands/companies. I had more than one company help me get to Blissdom Canada 2010. They each covered a portion of a need I had. And don’t just think “BIG”! I’ve had more success with smaller, local businesses that need the social share lift and friendly PR.
  4. Consider partnering up with another blogger! Have you heard the saying, one is a lonely number?! 🙂 If you’re just getting started, this may benefit you big time. Tara’s View of the World and I teamed up and put our combined stats, social influence, experience and skills to work. We were able to go to brands as a team and both get to Blissdom Canada 2010.
  5. Along with your Media Kit… send them a “Sponsorship Package”. Tara and I did this very well. We put together a powerpoint presentation with various tiered “packages” that a business could “partner” with & left room for some bonuses like clothing for our “red carpet” moments. The amount of PR coverage and work was determined by the level of business the brand/business was willing to pay for. **If you promise it…. DELIVER it!** If you don’t follow through with what they’re expecting, you’ll ruin it for the rest of us.
  6. Follow up a few weeks after you send your pitch off! It’s a good way to remind them who you are and why they should respond but don’t stalk them! Brands are busy so be patient and kind! Remember… you’re basically applying for a job/position within their company.
  7. If you’re turned down, don’t get nasty! Send them a “Thank You” note either way – always leave a good impression. You never know what the future may hold.
  8. Be positive! The old saying goes, “You can get more bees with honey than vinegar!”. If you’re looking for sponsorship, watch what you say online! Don’t be negative, a nag or a grump all the time. 
  9. After the event is over and you’ve done the work that you promised… send your sponsors a link to the posts or even better… put together a presentation of the event with screen shots of the responses you got from it. They’ll love it!
  10. Have fun! Never take yourself too serious or think more highly of yourself than you ought! 🙂
You have 7 months until Blissdom Canada 2011 comes to the Hilton Toronto – so you better get started today! *Most brands or companies may require you to pay up front and send in your receipts for reimbursement so be prepared for that.
Getting sponsored for a blog conference takes a “Can-Do” attitude, a bit of creativity and good budgeting skills! What are you willing to do to get there?!
I better get started myself… I too would like sponsorship! 🙂
Good Luck – I hope I’ll see you there!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. thanks so much for the post girl!. As a newbie I can use all of the help I can get!. I'd love to go to Blissdom this year.. just might have to borrow my cousins couch 😉

  2. Thanks for this post Shash!! I love the ideas and gives me a great starting place to get my act together!! Can't wait to see everyone at Blissdom Canada!!

  3. GREAT Tips!!

    I would also add that if there is a company that you seem to have a very special relationship with then ask them first!

    I was going to get a few sponsors for Blissdom, but then my sponsor wanted me to exclusively work with them, so they covered my whole trip 🙂

    I can't wait to make it there again this year and I love that pic of you and Tara.



  4. great tips!! I am counting on us being there together again this year 🙂

  5. This is great info and helpful too. I put together a packet last year for Type A Mom but I did not know what I was doing and just blindly sent it out like right before the event. Not thinking I needed months to prep and ask. Some big companies even state – if it isn't six months in advance then forget it we can't respond. Now I wonder if you could do another post on what was required of you in exchange for the sponsorship. I haven't a clue. Like do you have to talk them up while there. Hand out samples.? I didn't know what to offer them in exchange really.


  6. @Paula – that's a great idea! I'll put together a post of what we did for each of the clients. It may have to wait a few days, it's hockey playoff season! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the tips. I would love to make it to blissdom this year.

  8. Wow, great tips!

    I have never attended a conference before. Could you tell me, ball park, approximately how much money we are talking about overall as far as costs go to attend?

  9. Great post Shannon, I look forward in meeting you there! These are some great tips! 🙂

  10. Yes, thanks so much for this post! Off i go to get started– i want to meet everyone at Blissdom!

  11. Awesome information – thanks for sharing!

  12. Thank you for the post; I figured I would need a "package" when asking for sponsoring but beyond my media kit which I sent out to all companies, I wasn't quite sure what to include. I look forward to your next post about what exactly you offer for sponsorship.

    I'd love to attend this year but coming from Saskatchewan is expensive…I hope I can get sponsored this year. The idea of combining with another blogger is a great idea.

    Thanks again for the post! 🙂

  13. Wow great information here. I'm on the waiting list but these tips are invaluable to a new blogger such as myself.

  14. Thank you for this!!! I'd love to get a sponsor or three to get me to blissdom Canada this year. I had so much fun in Nashville!!!!!

    Do you have any new tips?? Since this was written last year…I'd love all the help!

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