To supplement our income my hubby works a few times a month in a “group home” for adults with developmental challenges. Tonight they called him at the last moment to do a shift. He likes working there, it gives him a different perspective on life – it has helped him in the area of compassion big time!! Not that he wasn’t compassionate beforehand… don’t get me wrong. He is the most tenderhearted man I know! But he has grown…

A few of the homes bring their clients to church on Sundays and a couple of them join us for baseball games now and then. They are a part of our family and we love the diversity of that family. We’ve become known as the “excepting” church by many of the workers. Many other churches in town have looked down on the group homes coming out. The guys can get loud and have even interrupted the service on occasion but my hubby doesn’t make a scene – nobody does. Most of us have learned to sign simple words that they know to help them out.

So… anyway… at his shift tonight one of the “big-wigs” of this agency comes in to his house to show around some new potential clients and gets talking to my man. (One of the support workers in the house is his wife and knows my hubby well.) The big-wig… boss of bosses says to Dave, “Oh, you’re the Pastor of that up-n-coming church… we’ve heard nothing but praises about you guys.”

I think that made my hubby’s night. It’s always nice to hear how others on the outside view you on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. oh wow how cool is that?!! awesome to experience some of that kind of favor!!

    you must be getting excited cuz Q comes home tomorrow!

  2. What a beautiful story. You have one amazing husband. How did you two meet?

  3. That’s so nice. You gotta love a compliment like that.

  4. That’s soo cool! My hubby used to work for one of these homes, but it wasn’t adults, it was teens. He learned a lot of compassion working there.

  5. My son works in one of these homes, he loves it.

    I love that your hubby got that positive feedback.

    I once had a friend on a church committee who asked me my opinion on a church problem. The neighbors on the street where the church was were petitioning against the church expanding their parking lot. He was fighting the town zone boards and it was getting ugly. He asked me for legal advise and I told him that if the neighbors weren’t happy he should not expand the parking lot. That simple. It’s sometimes about how the unsaved view us. He thought about that one and I believe he gave up the fight.

  6. Praising him 🙂 – how awesome that God is using the gifts of your husband…Thank your for sharing 🙂

  7. I also love working for CH, and I especially like that we can accomadate more people with special needs since we are on a main floor building.Yeah!

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