Q arrived safe and sound this afternoon, his plane was actually a half hour early. We all snuck past security and waited for him in the baggage area, it seemed to take forever. Em made him a “Welcome Home” sign and Li was SOOOOO eager to see him, he couldn’t sit still. Finally Q was there, running towards us – I started to cry. Then he ran over to my hubby and JZ and Dave started to cry. JZ wouldn’t take his eyes off of Q, what a smile out of him!!!

Our family is complete tonight! I think I will turn off the house phone (cell phone is still on for emergencies) and sit around and hear all about his trip. It’s good to have him home.


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  1. Welcome back Q!!!!…I almost started to cry just thinking about that whole picture of him running towards you guys. Can’t wait to hear all about his stories.

  2. I am glad that Q made it home safely. It makes me smile to just imagine all of you at the airport and his siblings are looking forward seeing him again…
    Have a blessed night. BTW – yeah, turn off that phone 🙂

  3. I am glad to hear everything went well with Q and he is home safe and sound
    Thank you Jesus for the safe return and protection of the grandparent trip

  4. so glad he is home safe. thanks for having him call me, we loved having him here even for just a few days!!

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