Today went a little bit better, I tried not to focus on my pay while at work. I did enough of that during the night!!! It obviously really bugs me. I’ve never received a pay decrease in all my life and I think it made me feel devalued. I know my value does not come from what I DO but from WHO I am in the Lord – I will have to continue to pray through this and of course deal with it properly (Matt. 18).

Tonight JZ is sleeping over at my friend’s place. I dropped him off there this morning and I’ll pick him up before dinner tomorrow night. We’re trying to shock him into weaning ’cause nothing else is working! I managed to keep him off of me from 7am to 9pm yesterday – which was a miracle in itself but he nursed every 2 hours last night. He tossed and turned and sniffled all night long. (The other night I put him in his playpen to sleep and he was so upset that he threw up.) His nose is running full board now this morning. Thanks Colleen… I hope you get some sleep!!!

We leave a week from tomorrow to fly to BC where we’ll stay overnight at my parents place before flying to Honolulu. We’ll stay overnight in a hotel then depart around dinner time on the 7th on the ship. I’m so looking forward to this trip but it’s bittersweet… I actually asked my hubby if we could bring JZ with us. I am going to miss my kids. I’ve never been away from them for this amount of time. We’ve gone away on different ministry trips for 6 days or even up to 10 days but not a total of 18 days!! I’ve been going over with the kids how to behave for Auntie Lori and what to remember to do while she’s looking after all of them, etc. The kids will take next Tuesday and Wednesday off of school to spend a little bit of extra time with us. Lori will have to get them ready for school pictures… they rescheduled from today to the day after we leave. What a way to get thrown into it!!

p.s. Liam’s party went awesome last night. 8 kids in total (the min. amount for the party room) all had a blast and the parents too. We went to a giant indoor playground; the biggest in Canada. It’s around 3,000 sq ft on each level and has 3 levels in some areas. The adults can go through it too and trust me… WE DID! I have lots of pictures of parents climbing through the obstacles and going down the slides, probably more than of kids doing it! We (all of us) played arcade games and ran around for hours. It was a ton of fun for both adult and child alike!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. I can’t wait to go on our cruise next year! I still don’t know where we are going to go! and Lori already agreed to watch my kids too! isn’t she great?!
    Colleen is amazing to take JZ wow what a blessing to you!
    love ya

  2. Sounds like you have a bunch of fun stuff coming!

    Oh, and I was going to comment on your “hot topic” but I can’t find it?

    Well, If you ever want to have comments, just a)have a tragity, b) talk (with tack) about the relationship between a husband and a wife or c)host a tour of something. d) demand that all lurkers say Hi for giggles or your birthday.

    I’m curious now and want to go back and find where and when I had my most comments . . hmmmm

  3. JZ is doing great he is sleeping in a Playpen and actually fell asleep in it with little effort. I am sure he will be fine tonight. We will all help Lori out and get her though everything.

    Thanks for the invite to Liam’s party all the kids had a blast. I am sure my kids will be asking about going there for there parties in March.

    Have a great night sleep!

  4. well we made it through the night! JZ did well through the night. He was up a few times but I was able to get him back to sleep within a minute or two. When he did get realy mad at me I was able to give him a cup of milk and he would drink and then go back to sleep. I will talk to you later Shash…. I hope you had a good sleep.

  5. I can’t believe you had to leave him at a friends house to wean him (however you spell that) Goodness! I’m sorry!

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