My first weekend away at a Camp was during the summer between grade 7 and grade 8. We had just moved to a new house, in a new city and a new school. That’s a lot of change for a twelve year old. My parents thought it would be a great way for me to met new friends, nothing like jumping right in!
I knew no one. Not.A.Soul! At first it was a tad daunting… they all knew each other, being part of the church and school I was about to attend, they had known each other practically since birth. I never really suffered with shyness, so I threw myself into the mix, got involved, participated in the games as well as in the pranks. Toilet papering someones cabin was a first…
I must say, the first day of school, in that new city, in that new school wasn’t as scary as I’d imagined it would be. I didn’t feel like the “new kid.” Camp was, for me, the perfect way to infiltrate myself into this new life.

That’s me in the Pink Sweatshirt near the front left. Grade 9 Camp

I went to Camp with this church for the following few years. It was a highlight of my summer. A chance to get out from home, be with my friends, feel a bit of independence, laugh, play and even meet a few new boys every now and then… 🙂
My hubby grew up going to church camps and as a Pastor, he takes kids away for a week each summer. They don’t normally go to one location, with one building and one mess hall. Most of the times they take the week to portage through some of the most incredible scenery God has ever created.

To us Camp was an important part of our youth, it’s an important part of our kids lives. It’s like a “right of passage” and I wouldn’t trade my camp memories for anything!
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  1. I am loving reading all of these camp stories! I have an old camp photo somewhere, I should dig it up – those are so much fun to look at!

  2. I just love camp stories, btw those hats are fabulous!

  3. I also went to camp and I loved it… but I DID suffer from shyness so those first few hours were often filled with some pretty excruciating moments of extreme panic… but it always worked out :).

    Even shy kids can have a wonderful time at camp. Good memories.

  4. Great post! I didn't actually go to Camp overnight, I really wanted to, we use to go to day camp, which was still pretty fun and then we started our yearly camping trip with the family that I still do with my kiddos now.

  5. I've only camped a handful of times. But, always had fun. I don't think my parents were too keen on letting me go over night. But, love the retro pic!

  6. What a wonderful camp experience you had. Instead of creating stress, it seems like it eased you into your new environment! I love how you refer to nature as 'god's creations' because you're right!

  7. I love the hats!

    Camp is an awesome experience. I'm up next.

  8. lol remember when baggy sweatshirts were in style! lol I had two years at an all girls camp and loved every minute of it!

  9. I always wanted to attend camp as a kid, but my folks could never afford it and my mom didn't see the point in sending me away when she was staying at home with us. Loving reading everyone's camp memories. A bit jealous, but enjoying it. And definitely want to send me girls to camp when they are old enough.

  10. Love the post and the photo! I totally agree that camp is "like a "right of passage"". It truly does help shape you as a person. Thanks for being part of the #CampExpo Blog Hop. Hope to see you on Feb 26th!

  11. I never went to summer camp as my mom could not afford it but I did have the chance to go with school to a sleep away camp for three days.

    I really loved everything about it, I had never experienced so much fun. When it was time to leave I cried all the way home. Aside from that I had a blast! I am now a girl guide leader and all 3 of my girls have experienced camp and they love it too.

  12. What a nice post. I think it was such a good decision for your parents to send you. At first I thought you were going to say you regretted their decision but I love the way it turned out. They knew you well and knew you'd make friends quickly. Makes the frist day of school so much better!

  13. How smart of your parents to introduce you to your new life in that way!

    And I adore the picture of the lake. True peaceful beauty.

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