I haven’t nursed JZ since Wednesday afternoon!!! He slept over at my friend’s place on Tuesday night and when I finally got him on Wednesday I was ready to burst… sorry if that’s TMI! I gave in quickly, actually sick I was in pain… and nursed him. But that was it! Not a thing since then! Aren’t you proud of me?! This has been difficult – he is my last child and I’m weaning him earlier than I would normally have done. I nursed my daughter until she was 18 months (morning and bedtime nurse only). The only reason I’m cutting him off so quickly is because of our trip coming up this next Wednesday. He’s gone straight to a sippy cup and regular milk; he doesn’t want anything to do with a bottle.

JZ’s still not sleeping through the night though. My cousin Lori might not have so much fun in that department when she’s watching the kids for us… My hubby has been up with him for the past 2 nights every time he cried. It was 4 times by 4am last night. My hubby doesn’t do well on little to no sleep… he’s hanging in there!

I forgot to mention our frazzled day yesterday. We read on the cruise lines website that we needed to have valid passports or else we could not board the ship and there were no refunds…. at 11pm on Wednesday. Our itinerary from the travel agency says that any valid photo ID will do… NOT! So yesterday after work we ran around from the photo shop to get our mug shots, to the accountants to get a guarantor, to the passport office to order them. This all happened between 1:15pm and 2:30pm! We were running at hyper-speed!! We had to pay an extra $60 to have the passports ready in time for our departure, my hubby picks them up on Tuesday morning. There’s nothing like waiting until the last minute!!

My weekend will be full of getting ready for our vacation. Making lists for my cousin, phone numbers, schedules… not to mention maps. She’s never been here before! I have to find the rest of the winter gear for the kids just in case it snows, it has done that before on Thanksgiving weekend which is next weekend. WOW, where has the time gone!! I also have to go grocery shopping to have the house stocked, I wonder what she likes to cook?? I think I’ll cancel our family Christmas photo appointment on Sunday afternoon… I better stop stressing about this and get to bed. I need time to shut my brain down. Nite nite.


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  1. hey congrats on weaning JZ

    bitter sweet though I remember

  2. Hi Shash,
    I just ran into your link over at Super Moms comments. I read your profile and noticed that you are a pastor’s wife. I just wanted to invite you to join a pw blogroll that I created a few weeks ago. It’s interdenominational and for blogs of all kinds (mine is very quirky and random.)
    Check out http://www.leagueofpastorswives.blogspot.com and if you want to join you can leave it in the comments there (which are moderated so if you don’t want your info published just let me know and I won’t publish your comment).
    Just thought I’d pass the word!

  3. Its too bad that you had to do all that last minute passport stuff. You’d think they would have said something before like a few days before departure.

    I’ll send you some pics of the dresses later on today if you still want to look at them.

  4. A Cruise . . . I must have forgotten or missed you mentioning this before! We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and LOVED IT! Is this your first one? I just love the pampering . . .and NO DISHES, that is pretty close to heaven for me. Have fun and once your on the ship it’s “Relax” time!

  5. Oh, I’m such a procrastinator!!! Hope y’all have a great vacation!

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