In between cleaning for the students I thought I’d share a bit about our week camping.

We spent last week up in the Muskoka’s. It’s about 3 hours from where I live and one of THE prettiest places in Canada. Early fall is particularly my absolute favourite. The air is crisp and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn colour. At the end of this month the trees will be on fire with golds, reds and oranges. Growing up in BC with evergreens… I’d seen nothing like it until moving here. There’s hundreds (if not more) of fresh water lakes and rivers that are clear and clean, unlike the big lakes to the south and west of me. It’s a nature lovers paradise.

We stayed at our favourite campground, Muskoka Baptist Conference on Mary Lake near Huntsville. We go there a few times a year for different events, one being my hubby’s family reunion in the winter. We were also just there with our church for the August long weekend. During the week they bring guest speakers for their chapel times. Going to chapel isn’t manditory but it is a learning experience and it is something my hubby and I enjoy. This particular week a team from Answers in Genesis were there. While we went to Chapel the kids had their own programs, JZ even went to nursery without a complaint. Em’s HAD to go to program each day, she didn’t want to miss anything! She was like a dog with a bone about it.

We managed to make a few trips into the towns that surround the various lakes. Huntsville, Baysville and Bracebridge to name a few. We swam in a few different lakes and watched wildlife roam freely. The highlight of my hubby’s week was taking us into his favourite park in the whole wide world – Algonquin Provincial Park. He’s camped there many times in the summer and during the winter (yes, camping in a tent in the snow… during a Canadian winter!). When he was little… he wanted to be a Forest Ranger when he grew up. He is an outdoorsman to the 9th degree. I am SOOOO the opposite ~ God has such a great sense of humour!!

So while we were at the Park we went through their “Interpretive Centre” and as amazing as it was… it was chalk full of Evolution. What our tax dollars go towards… man – something’s gotta be done about it! Evolution is no longer known as the “Theory of Evolution” is taught and talked about as a “fact”. To be honest… isn’t not even correct to call it a “theory” because a theory is something that can be proven with scientific testing so evolution should be known as “the Speculation of Evolution”. Rabbit trail…. My kids were laughing when they said, “the earth is billions of years old…” I don’t think the Rangers were impressed by them too much. It was a fitting week to go – seeing as during the morning and evening chapel times we were learning about “the Big Bang” vs Creation from scientific experts.

For the rest of the week we hung around with our friends who went with us, played at the beach, taught the older 2 how to Kyack and took lots of pictures. When I get them off my camera I will share them with you. I tell ya… if you ever have a chance to get this way… make a trip to the Muskoka’s around the end of September to see the seasons change. It’s well worth it!

You might even spot a few celebrities along the way. I hear Bruce Willis is in the area this week. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have a cottage there as do Harry Hamlin and his wife Lisa Rinna. You’ll also come across probably every NHL hockey player in Canada up there too!!

So the week was wonderful, we saw a lot and learned a lot. What a great way to spend your vacation!!


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  1. That sounds awesome!! My hubby is very much an outdoorsman and my daughter is a true nature lover (as she calls herself), but I on the other hand…um…not so much!! I’m good to sit in a chair by the window…nice and cool with a glass of iced tea! It does sound like a beautiful place though!

    I love when the leaves change!! Although, here they don’t change until late November or so. Sometimes they are still falling of the trees at Christmas…I guess that’s Texas for you!

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing your pictures!!

  2. The leaves were starting to change and fall where we were, but we had mostly pines. I would love to do a camping trip in Algonquin sometime…when the kids are older though (read *no diapers*). I am glad you had a good time there!

  3. Glad you had a good trip!…The leaves are awesome here! The resort is getting really booked with group tours (they all like the fall here). Although we have many celebs here sometimes you cannot recognize them. They look so different in person (what make-up does to someone!).

  4. I camped with my mom in algonquin a couple of times I canoed with rick it was hillarious I will tell you about it sometime!

  5. Have you ever watched any of Dr. Kent Hoind’s tapes? He talks about how the Earth is not billions of years old, but just thousands. You can read some of his stuff at

    When we go to the Grand Canyon, my hubby always laughs how they think that the canyon was formed from a river over millions of years….when in actuality it was formed at once, thousands of years ago during a world wide flood.

  6. Sorry, I hit the wrong buttons….his name is Kent Hovind.

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