The kids were up earlier than their alarm clock this morning. They were fully dressed and ready to go at 7:13am! I got up with them, actually I couldn’t sleep either, to make their lunches, make sure they brushed their teeth and made their beds. The pants I made sure fit Q a couple of weeks ago… don’t fit any longer! We managed to find one pair that weren’t over the ankles.

I don’t like to spend the kind of money that society tells me I should in sending my kids back to school. They each got a nice new pair of shoes, actually 2… one for outside and one for inside. Q got a new backpack thanks to Papa and Nana, his broke on the airplane ride to BC. And we picked up a new backpack for Em’s last week on our way up camping. So as far as I’m concerned… they’re set. Now I’ll have to get Q some new pants… the shortest boy in grade 3 wearing floods… NOT! He needs all the help he can get.

I walked Em and Q to the bus stop… with my camera in tow. I was the only “crazy” mom with a camera – Q was a bit embarrassed. He’s reached that, “Augh Mom… do you have to?” stage.

Their backpacks were so full; Em’s could barely carry hers. The list for back-to-school supplies this year was long and very brand specific. I thought it was a bit odd that I HAD to buy “Crayola” crayons for Em. No other brand would do. Each also had to bring a box of Kleenex and a box of bandaids for a donation to their classroom supply closet.

Now it’s just Li and JZ running around the place. I have to run out and get diapers – I don’t have 1 single one left in the house and then I’ll have to spend a few hours cleaning the house. We’re having a barrage of Japanese exchange students through the house again today. Meeting a nice “normal” Canadian family…. if they only knew!!!! (the sound of deep borish laughter echos through the house)


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  1. 2 off and 2 to go..yeehaa.

    enjoy the day

  2. I can’t believe how fast the summer went. This is the only year I’m not getting myself ready to go back to school. However I did have to get up early and drive my sis Mon to school. My mom was always taking a picture of us in the front foyer before we left for school.

  3. Mine are gone to and Pug has Q’s old Gr 1 teacher.. but I will let her tell Q that part herself… heehee. I think she is a little nervous as she doesn’t have many of her old friends in her class this year. Junior is not as excited he would have like to stay home for a while longer this summer.

  4. I’m off work this week and I feel a little lost not sending a child off to school. First year in 20 or so years. It is nice to hear of your back to school encounters. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ready by 7:15 eh? That is CRAZY!! No, I remember how exciting it was to go back to school after the summer. I was ready one time really early and went to my friends house, only to have breakfast again before we really had to leave!!

  6. The first day always exciting but for some reason the second day I would be sick.(hehehe) I think Master T takes after me he is already complaining of a sore thoart after the second day.
    What a boy.

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