The kids headed back to school this morning… in something short of a blizzard! It’s actually snowing!! Q wasn’t too happy, he’s waited all Christmas break for the white stuff. I guess we’ll have a winter after all…

p.s. My hubby is off this morning as well – he has jury duty! I hope this doesn’t go on long, our 4 year old can’t get to school as long as daddy is in court… * Update * – hubby didn’t get picked for jury duty!! Yippee.

A friend of mine mentioned that today is National De-lurking Week. So all you out there who simply like to peak and leave… you have to say HI!! 😉 I know Monday is almost over in the East, I’m a little slow it seems… we’ll see how well this works.


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. WOW, snow. That is crazy. Too bad it didn’t come last week for them to REALLY enjoy it. We start back tomorrow. I’m a little sad. Not ready for mine to leave quite yet. Hope you have fun today!

  2. ya the snow was crazy this morning. Junior was loving it! I made them take their snow pants and all the trimmings, they didn’t like that part though.

    I have never had jury duty, and I think I am ok not having it either. Hope he gets home soon. If not I will take both kids… not a problem. We love Lili

  3. I was just saying that I just wish it would snow today for my birthday! This has been the longest we’ve ever been without snow here!

  4. the weather is so crazy….makes me wonder if the earth is crying out!!!!

  5. To many at christmas time were singing
    “Let it snow, Let it snow, let it snow,. . . . ” it’s all their fault.
    La – says the world’s gone crazy!
    A lot of what happens is controlled by the tongue. . even James way back then knew that.
    Just think – it’s a muscel I have never heard needing a replacement.
    The children will enjoy the snow.

  6. Snow! I love the snow. Hope they get a good chance to play in it. So much fun. I wish we had some more, and we might get some, but I'[m not holding out too much hope.

  7. My kids wanted to play outside all day…it is nice to have snow, but the wind I could do without!!

  8. Hey Sash….so I’m ‘de-lurking’ and leaving a comment! I’ve been popping in and reading lots the last couple of months, but not leaving comments . So…now you know – I am reading ! I’ll try to leave a ‘trail’ more often!

  9. So, who are those annon comments from?? Someone only half way delurking?? LOL. How funny. I’m gonna have to post something on my blog about it.

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