We are on our way back to Honolulu tonight. We spent the day in Kona today and it was beautiful! After 2 days of rain – stuck inside a ship – where the average age was 60… (not as bad as the Alaskan runs…) – it was nice to walk on soil once again. We had an earthquake-free day full of sunshine and shopping and a last minute opportunity to suntan!!! The Ironman Triathalon is going on this saturday but we got to see some of them training and the grand opening parade. These are some seriously fit people and after being on the cruise and eating none stop… (an eating triathalon) I feel a little guilty, not to mention totally out of shape!

It took us 2 hours to get from the shore to the ship at the end of the day, we had to “tender” – which means the ship couldn’t fit in the port and we had to take little boats back and forth from the pier to the bay. It was particularly rough today due to the rain and storms and earthquake (and the aftershocks!!) … I’m not a fan of “tendering” to say the least. Did I tell you I puked the other day on a Zodiac boat/snorkel excursion? Ya! The highlight of my trip let me tell you! Not to mention the coldsore and sunburn and my monthly arriving yesterday…. Everything else has been great though.

I can’t believe this is our last night on board the Norwegian Wind. The last half of the cruise has gone by so fast. It feels like a whole other cruise ago that we departed from Honolulu for Hilo. My impression of this cruise line is a mixed bag. The service was impecable. We were treated like royalty. The shows were so-so and most of the meals have been ok, some even great. But the breakfast meals left something to be desired, boring is the only word I can think of. I’ve had scrambled eggs for 11 days!!!!!!!!! The same food every single day with no exception. No thanks.

All in all – it has been very enjoyable. I do miss the kids however – I called them from Kona today and cried when I heard Q’s voice. I got a chance to talk to all 4, Q told me that JZ smiled when he heard my voice. Liam almost screamed with sheer joy when I told him I was still looking for Lilo and Stitch!

The sad news is… I won’t get to see them until Sunday morning. We fly out of Honolulu at 1pm tomorrow and get in to Bellingham, Washington around midnight (pst). We then spend a couple of days in White Rock, visiting family until we leave for home from Vancouver on Saturday afternoon. I am so looking forward to hugging my kiddios. Speaking of flying home… our ride is still in West Virginia, we don’t have a ride home from the airport on Saturday night. Any takers?? We arrive around 10pm, I’ll get the details when we get back to my parents.

Time to finish packing – we have to be off the ship at 7:45am!!! I’ve just gotten used to this time zone, where I’m not falling asleep in my dinner and up at 5am – now I have to deal with BC time then a couple of days later – back on East coast time. Then back to work on Monday. Oh man… I’ll need another vacation just from that.

Love ya all,



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  1. Hey, so glad to hear that you guys are doing well. I would get Pete to pick you guys up…but we are crazy and going camping!! Have a good flight home!

  2. I can pick you guys up on Saturday night, no problem. Just call or email us with the details and I’ll come get you.


  3. Are we still having dinner on Friday night? Call me or Tam on Friday and we’ll plan it…girls night out!!

  4. Todd and i could use a date night, maybe we will be able to do it also.
    Any excuse to get of the house he,he

  5. I told Q, “if aunty Lori picked your Mom and Dad up, we’d end up in Quebec”

    Your laundry has brought back memories oh, and the up stairs toilet won’t flus. There’s either a very large turd that won’t buge, or a wad of t.p, or a toy. (I’m just getting you ready for your arrival to reality.) I tried to unplug it again today, and horked in the sink….Wayne’s really good at these things….Oh David!!!.

    Pauleen phoned, Grandpa J is coming home tonite..hey… maybe HE can do it?….

    Where has the time gone?
    See you soon,

  6. hey glad your having a good time dad is coming home today wed as it is gwens birthday today and I called to say happy birthday. Tell q we sent him a Bd card so he needs to keep checking the mail. talk soon judy

  7. Sounds like a wonderful trip…except for the puking part! lol Hope you have a safe trip home!

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