Waawee here.
Ok….now I have a blogger brain, first thing I think of when reading the mornings paper is….”I Have To Blog This…everyone must know….” Oh boy,…….So here it is for those who didn’t read a paper. And I am quoteing from ‘The Record’ a local paper. [ Cruise ships were asked to keep tourists on board, and ships that were due to dock with tourists were asked to move on to their next location…] and [….the quake hit at 7:07a.m. local time 16 kil. north-northwest of Kailua Kona] .
There it is, just in case Shasher can’t email us all, blogger brain here has past on what I read.

As for me myself and I, had a wonderful Sunday. The service was awesome, and fellowship over at Max Redheads was delightful!. And so here it is my last week here, unless Dave wins the cruise package for singing and they fly me out again hint hint.

I’ve got to tell you what happened yesterday morning while getting ready for church. Jacob was watching me put gel in my hair. And so when I left the bathroom to go get changed, he comes up to me and shows me he can put gel in his hair too. Thinking he got the gel tube, I ran to the bathroom and it’s on the counter..?..now I’m wondering…”then what’s that you’ve got in your hair”…..and so he shows me……..”toliet water.” He dips his hand in the T water and puts it on his head, turns and grins, like he’s so proud of himself. I’m going to miss this little guy. The T W was flushed, I have dogs at home, we flush toliets. I just forgot to put the lid down this time.

I was just about to say ‘gotta go’ when the door bell rang, Wayne just sent me flowers……..gotta go.
a teary eyed waawee….I love my hubby!.


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  1. That is so sweet of Wayne! I am so glad you enjoyed yor day yesterday, it was nice to have everyone over and fellowship. I think I need a bigger house if we want to have that many people over at once again. Oh the dreams I have of a bigger home, but thanks again for coming and bringing everything you did.

  2. Aww..JZ he’s too cute with his TW experiment.
    That’s so cute that he sent you flowers!! What an awesome guy!

  3. I love that story, I can see it but I wish I had witnessed it… I miss him!!!!

    Right on Wayne – you’re the man!!!

    We’re still at sea for the day today, we are arriving in Kona tomorrow morning… we think… it’s rough waters today, lots of clouds and rain.

  4. man your hubby rocks!!! what a cute thing Jacob did! I love that age!

  5. Aaahhhhh…..Wayne is so awesome! What a nice thing for him to do! He should give lessons to the rest of the men in the family, ifyouknowhatImeanjellybean!!!

    What a cute visual of J putting TW on his hair! LOL. Too cute.

  6. You have an awesome hubby!! I think the classes that Mugwump suggested should include my hubby too…come on, church family, right?

  7. Hawaii and then flowers! You’re a lucky woman.

  8. That’s so funny and gross all at the same time!!

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