Aloha Ohana!

This is our second day at sea – no land around at all – in the middle of nowhere. We’re on our way down to Fanning Island, not far from the Equator. It’s 1200 nautical miles south of Kaui’i. It hasn’t been too rocky, a few times I’ve had to use the wall to balance myself out. It’s funny to watch those who have been drinking walk down the halls!!!! 😉

We’ll be on the Island for only 1 day then at sea again for 2 more days where we’ll end up at Kona, Hawaii for the day. It’s a lot of time spent reading and eating and of course… line dancing. I’m so out of touch with the moves!!! My dad caught some of it on film yesterday. Try line dancing with 50 other off balance people on a windy day at sea!!! It adds a whole new meaning to moving and groving.

My hubby sang at Karoake Idol competition last night and should have won. He had the loudest cheering section…. moi. He got robbed by a young lady with a little girl as her cheerleader, walking around with signs that said, “vote for rebecca”. He’s going to try out again today at 1:30pm. If he wins…. we could be going on a free cruise in the near future. You know he’ll love being on the stage… 😉

Got to go find a quiet place to read and suntan, I’m starting to peel on my nose… I spent an hour in the spa yesterday – it was a wonderul relaxing time. I’ve never had hot stones massage before but you know I’ll be doing it on a monthly basis now!!!

If anyone needs to get a hold of us just blog us a message, I can’t retrieve my emails and our phone doesn’t get reception way out here.

Love ya all. See you soon.

P.s. kiss the kiddios for us, I miss them a lot!! Thanks for watching them Waawee. Not looking forward to the snow however….



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  1. I am so glad your having a blast and good luck to Hubby! Another cruise… you know I wouldn’t mind taking it off your hands!

    Kids are doing great. Tonight we have the boys over and had a SURPRISE Party for the birthday boy… will blog the pictures later. We have 4 boys over and they are all down stairs watching a movie and then to sleep they go.

    Again we will talk to you soon and enjoy your last little bit of time at sea.

  2. It is so good to hear from you. Glad you are having a great time, enjoy the sun while you have it…mwahaha!! (I say this as I am sitting at my computer desk, beside an old window, not near a heater with my winter coat ON!!)

  3. oh glad you guys are having a fun time! I am dizzy just thinking about being on the boat!!

    love ya lots and go Dave go!!

  4. It sounds absolutely wonderful (I’m jealous). That karaoke sounds FUN! I hope your honey wins it!!! Rooting for him!

  5. Go Uncle D Go!!!…Hot Stone Massages I heard are amazing. We offered them at the resorts spa I worked at. Have a great time!

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