We woke up this morning to an announcement about the earthquake that happened on Kona, (the big Island) effecting many of the Islands!

We’re still at sea, uneffected by it. We have been at sea since last night at 6pm and we’ll be at sea all day tomorrow as well. So far we’ll be ok to dock in Kona, Hawaii on Tuesday. We’re watching the news closely. The sea is a bit rougher today. It’s overcast and raining. Everyone is stuck inside. Dave is singing at the talent show – I think that’s either tomorrow or Tuesday. He’s singing the song he sang to me on our wedding day, “I will be here” by Stephen Curtis Chapman. The band leader has to learn the song to be able to accompany him.

We’ll keep you informed as to what will happen with us for docking this big ship, not sure if we’ll be deverted to another Island or what.

Being at sea for so long, I have lost track of time. When we were on Fanning Island (where a lot of scenes for Gilligan’s Island were filmed) yesterday it was today already… we crossed the International Date Line. I didn’t realize that it is already the 15th!! That means that today back at home my oldest is celebrating his birthday.

Happy 8th birthday Q!!!

He arrived 2 weeks early and was still 8lbs 1oz (my smallest baby). God gave you to us, He promised us a little boy who was full of wisdom and that’s what you are! I’ll do a full blog just for you. I tried to call but being in the middle of the ocean – we can’t get any signal. I love you Q.

I love you kids and miss you all lots. We’ll do a family cruise soon, Nana is all for doing a whole family one soon – all the kids and all the grandchildren – all at once!!

I’ll keep working on her… 😉



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  1. HEy Shash
    We had “Aunt Lori” Over for dinner tonight, as well as a whole lot of other people. She seemed to have a good time. Kids are doing great, we had cake again today! I have tried to take JZ for a night, but I would have to pry him away and she wants to keep him as long as she can… they have really bonded. We went to the market yesterday but got hailed and snowed on and rained on in just a short time, but had a blast, she wished they had one like this back home. Sheryl B was at church today and is looking better, her and Cheryl A came over on THursday and we had coffee together, it was really nice! Kevin had us really thinking this morning and had a lot of good points, we went through Rom 6 and the fundimentals of being a Chirstian, and how we need to die to ourselves. SO it was really good and valid.

    I am getting ready for Friday night, I am going to go through 1 sam 25 again but also looking at the differences of what strength is in the worldly way compared to the bible way. IE Abigail didn’t need to use Manipulation to get through to David nor to her husband. If I am off base here please let me know.

    Well I am going to stop typing here but have fun for your last few days. Miss you lots, but having fun with Lori.

  2. hey shash…watched the news tonight and was like freaking out for a bit glad you are all ok! weird not being able to talk to you all, give my love to mom and dad…love you guys

  3. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Q!! wow 8 years old!! love you big guy!!

  4. Happy Birthday Q!!!!!
    I love the song he sang to you at the wedding!

  5. Good to hear from you!! We miss you lots too however, we probably won’t see you til next week, since we are crazy and are going camping this weekend!!

  6. Aloha globe wanderers. Its sure good to know you are ok,I been wondering about you guys.The news isnt much help just the bad stuff. Happy Birthday Q hope your day was a great one. Love ya. Everyone have a great week See ya soon.
    Do you think maybe you could pack a little sunshine and warmth
    in that suitcase when you come home. I’m not ready for winter yet. Later P

  7. Hey I was thinking of you and hoping you were doing ok. I knew you were visiting.

    BTW- Your blog is messed up. Sorry. I’ll try to figure it out. It is osmething about the images. Have you deleted them or anything? Or did you update to blogger beta? My HTML might not work then.

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