Do you ever have strange trivia just floating around in your head? It comes in handy at parties or during those awkward moments of silence doesn’t it?!

I have a knack for retaining all things Canadian; inventions, discoveries, famous people, etc. What can I say… I love my Country!! Even every stereotype, no doubt about it eh!

Here are 10 things that come to mind that you may not have known came from Canada or a Canadian:

  1. Nursing Mothers Breast Pads
  2. Electric Cooking Range (1882)
  3. Green Garbage Bags (1950’s)
  4. Jolly Jumper
  5. Portable High Chair
  6. Washing Machine
  7. Zipper (1913)
  8. Trivial Pursuit (game 1982)
  9. Kerosene (1840)
  10. 5 Pin Bowling!

There are tons more, trust me… I know first hand, but want to see what interesting info on all things Canada / Canadian you can come up with.

Think deeper than the usual “Basketball”, “Telephone” & “Justin Bieber” answers, those are too easy… but yes, TRUE!

Come On Canada —- Show Me You’re A Proud Nation!! 
I double-dog dare you!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. That's so awesome!! I am a proud Canuk

  2. Poutine!!

    The Canadarm 1981

    The snowmobile was invented by Joseph-Armand Bombardier (1937).

    The snow blower was invented by Arthur Sicard (1927).

  3. Love, love Canadian Trivia.

    Insulin was discovered here too! A huge breakthrough for diabetes.

  4. Michael J. Fox, Donald Sutherland, Nancy Green, We have the most fresh water lakes in the world, we share the longest, undefended international boarder in the world with USA.

  5. lol love that photo! the cat in the hat is Canadian. I love that in the tv show they fly a Canadian flag at their house

  6. Terry Fox was a great Canadian, and his legacy lives on! I can only imagine the pride of his family.

  7. Yeaaaaaah. I was going to say Justin Beiber. But, that's common knowledge. Then Poutine. Taken.

    So, the electric light bulb and the first electric car heater!

  8. My husband is the same, he loves trivia or tidbits of things people may not know.

    Hawkins Cheezies 🙂

  9. Hi! I've found a number of Canadian friends on this blogging adventure. Glad to add another one! I'm working my way through the Blissdom link-up. You can find my Intro post here:

  10. My husband says baseball and basketball. I'll have to take his word for it, lol.

  11. Sir Fredrick Banting invented insulin and he did so right here in my town…yay London!! We even have a high school named after him and he taught at our university…go UWO!!

  12. That's interesting to know. Proud to be Canadian 🙂

  13. I should note that his discovery wasn't actually made in London but some of his research. Oops.

  14. So many interesting things came from Canada!

    How about a comparison with the United States from a teacher?

    We tend to say "grade one", "grade two", "grade three" here… and in the United States they more often say "first grade", "second grade", "third grade".

    Yes, we will use them interchangeably SOMETIMES, but I'm just talking about More Often Than Not the way we'll call it one thing and they'll call it the other.

  15. I love Canadian trivia! I remember the Canadian Heritage videos from when I was younger had great tidbits like that Basketball was invented here.

  16. HA HA! Tara totally took what i was gonna say!! except 1979 for me! 😀

  17. i love this! yay canada [but boo -37 degrees today]!!

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