This is probably my favourite photo from our trip last week. Paradise found!!

This was taken on Fanning Island (part of the Line Islands which are actually coral atolls) in the Republic of Kiribati. It can be found over 1,000 miles south of the Hawaiian Islands – almost on top of the equator. It was hot the day we were there and humid. Perfect day for a swim! The water was so salty that we floated quite effortlessly. It was worth the two days at sea down and the two days at sea back!


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  1. wow what a great pic! swear I’ve seen that in a movie!!

    so I called you and got your machine…. I will try again tom night!

  2. very nice photo and it looks like a postcard you could sell it maybe

    and also i am offended that i am not one of your links listed on the side

  3. That is definately paradise!! Now, now Cheryl, is taking offense right?(just kidding). Shash, I laughed when I read about you floating with no problem…hehe, I am still giggling…ask me about it sometime!! (ok, I am still laughing, it is so funny!!)

  4. like cheryl said. it could be a postcard. With the weather how its been very cold here, that photo makes you feels warm

  5. OOOoooohhhhh… so pretty. It looks so peaceful and serene. I wanna go there.

  6. That’s an amazing picture…looks like paradise to me!

  7. So pretty. Where’s Gilligan?

  8. I’m on my way. Wow, what a terrific shot!

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