My cousin Lori landed safe and sound this afternoon, the kids took to her immediately. Not that I was worried about that… she’s one of those “kid” people. I know they are in good hands. My other cousin, Mugwumpmom (and Waawee’s younger sister) has made a good suggestion, that Waawee guest blog for me. So I’m setting her up and you’ll hear from her (and maybe my sis Lala too, I’ve given her access…) over the next couple of weeks.

Our flights leave tomorrow for BC then on Thursday we’re flying to Honolulu where the ship departs on Saturday evening. We’re at sea, touring the different Islands for 11 days. My hubby gave me the bestest news ever…. there’s an internet cafe on board!!! YUP!!! I’m so going to be in there!

Everyone have a great two weeks, I know I’ll be busy catching up on blogs when I get back (but I start back at work right away so be patient with me), in the meantime… leave lots of comments and don’t forget about me!!


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  1. You needed to make “younger sister” bold print!! Hahahaha…
    Man oh man…a cruise ship, in Hawaii, in the sun, in the fun, in an internet cafe…what could be sweeter than that…well, hubby letting you shop till you drop, and then bringing you breakfast in bed everymorning..after a foot rub and back massage everynight before…I could go on and on you know…Have fun!!!!!!!!!

  2. PS…hi Waawee!! I miss you already sis.

  3. Have a blast shash. Soak up the sun, but not too much sun.

  4. Have a great time Shash… Enjoy every minute without kids screaming to go to bed or having to get up through the night.
    Love ya Lots and say Hi to Nana and Papa for us.

  5. I know you will have a great time!! Don’t spend too much time in the internet cafe…enjoy the real scenery! and really, who could ever forget you? Right? I look forward to hearing (reading) from Lori and Lala too while you are gone…

  6. all I can say is mwaa aahhhahaaa
    for letting me have access to your blog!!! oh the things I can say!

    have a great time! enjoy yourself and hubby and time with mom and dad!

  7. Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!!!!!

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