At 5:00 am I woke up to nothing I have ever experienced in my life, but then I’ve never been out East before!. In the west, we count between lightening flashs and the sound thunder makes. This is normal. Not this morning, nothing was normal about this morning. I never new that lightening can flash all the time everywhere, non stop. In the West we do the “one and two and three and…” and get excited because the storm is getting closer when the counting gets less. This morning if I tried I would get to count to “o…….” I feel stupid. I was hideing under the covers. I don’t think I’ve called out Jesus’ Name so many times in one prayer. And then Dave and Shannon say “no, that was not normal, that was a bad storm” I wish they had said it was.

I am looking forward to blogging, I’ve never done it before, in fact I was blogging while Jacob was sleeping he just woke up and Q came and cut the first blog off, so if you get a weird 1st blog, and then this one, oooppps. I’m having a blast…so far. I love kids, and besides my hair is already gray, don’t need to worry about any sudden changes after 2 1/2 weeks of “baby sitting”. These “kids” are great. Q says thankyou all the time, (he felt so bad for cutting the 1 blg off and said sorry” It’s rare for kids to have manner these days!!. Emma is such a help!, Liam is………(I Love him!!)….and Jacob is so cute!!!
I’ll share about who I am and what I am during the weeks to come.
Bye for now,
I miss you already weeneeee!


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. Welcome to the blog world!! Gotta love the weather here, huh? It has been a while since I have seen a storm like this! I am Ruth, I go to Shash’s church, so I am sure that I will see you there sometime! Q, Em, Lili and JZ are all great kids, you will have lots of fun, I am sure!! (and I am happy to keep reading Shash’s blog, and now wondering what Lala is going to do, after her last comment;-)

  2. Well, welcome! I look forward to reading what you have to say for these next 2 weeks!! Hope you have a great time with the kids!!!

    Ps…did she show you how to access all the blogs she reads? So then you can become an addict like the rest of us!!!LOL!

  3. hey Lori…. I would say you are off to a great blogging start!!! I look forward to reading what you have to say!

    love you tons and it’s great that you are doing this for shash and keep a date open next year for us when we go on our cruise!! hopefully by that time we will have our fencing done and you will have some horses to look after too!!

    ps you are going to be such a GREAT gramma!

  4. Waawee…it’s weenee…I almost teared up reading your post. Gushy, gushy, gilly gosh! Welcome to my blogger world…waahaaaaaaaa..(scary evil laugh). Meet “Flip Flop Mamma”..she commented above Lala’s..she’s one of my blogger buddies..if you visit her, tell her we’re sisters. She’s very cool…and you should see her “Beast”. The cutest child you ever saw! No kiddin.
    Looking forward to reading more. Say hi to Ruth when you meet her at church. Can’t wait to come out there some day and meet her myself…but for now, you’ll have be my “proxy”. LOL.
    Enjoy. That storm was on our news, so yeah, it’s not normal!

  5. Hi Lo
    The storm this morning woke up me the one that could sleep though anything including the storm we had the night before last.

    I am so happy that you were able to help Shash out, I know she is so blessed, and the kids are great. They will help you and take control if need be…I love them! If you need anything feel free to call. I will see you tomorrow night.

  6. Welcome to blogland! Hopefully Shash won’t have to fight you for the control of her blog back…

  7. Hi
    I’m Arlene, I have 4 grandchildren who love to play with Shashi’s kids and I Love to paint and do crafts with them too. Ask Em and Q about art class this past summer. I loved your blog about our glorious storms.

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