My sister tagged me with a “meme” a few weeks ago and I still haven’t done it. So rather than put it off any longer ~ I will enlighten you with 5 weird things about me.

1. When I read signs (billboards, store front signs) I move my index (pointer) finger and “trace” the words out. Like I’m writing it down – in the air – for no good reason – and I can’t stop myself…

2. I play word association games to remember words, names or places.

3. I, like my younger sister, eat one food item at a time around my plate. I start with my vegetables and finish with the meat. I only deviate when I notice that I’m doing it (in front of others/restaurants) and I try to change my behaviour so I don’t look weird.

4. I eat my corn-on-the-cob one row at a time. My hubby tells me I look like a typewriter when I do it and it takes me a while, he’ll have finished 2-3 cobs to my 1. When I’m done… it’s perfectly clean and there’s NOTHING in my teeth.

5. I talk to myself outloud. This is especially if I’ve made a bone-head move or a dumb mistake or if I want to get back in control of my body. Let me explain that one… when I was in labour with child #2 (my daughter) the Doc broke my water and my knees starting knocking together, they said I was going into shock. I yelled at myself, outloud, in front of every nurse and person in the room (my hubby, Mom and oldest sister), “Shannon! Stop it! Get a grip!” My knees stopped shaking and I was again in control of the situation. I tell myself off a lot…

There you go, a little more insight into the Shash. 🙂


I'm the Cool Mom of 4, Married to the Preacher Man, but at times I'm a little more Sass than Saint!

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  1. whew just when I had given up!

    that is funny that we both do #3!!!

    I talk to myself too but I don’t answer yet so I figure I am safe till that happens!

  2. I have in my archives somewhere 6 weird things about myself….

  3. I like eating my corn on the cob like that too. You get more of the corn that way also!

  4. That’s how I eat my corn on the cob. And since I’m older, you got it from me?? LOL.
    Heh, I suggested to Waawee that she be allowed to guest blog on your blog while she’s staying with your younguns…that way I can keep in touch with her. Would that be ok?

  5. ok I just got home about 20 minutes ago … I went and bought a book to write in. THen got gas its going up to 88.9 but I found it for 77.? at the max on Strausburg. I agree next time more time to talk afterwards would be great. Thanks again for joining me.

    Oh ya I love the 5 weird things about you…I will have to watch you eat your food next time, and the corn thing is cool I eat around the cob instead of a straight line across.

  6. It depends how hungry I am when I eat my corn!! I am happy to know that I am not the only one who does weird things with words…I thought maybe I had some problem… or something, but you do something similar, so there must not be anything wrong with me then!! I second the guest blog suggestion…I think it is neat to read from other people too!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by! This is nice…

    I talk to myself to calm down also…when my kids & grandson moved away I literally had to tell myself how to walk to get back in my apartment as they drove away…

  8. Ok, I have to admit the corn on the cob thing is a little strange! lol

    I actually talk to myself daily and my daughter spells words out. She doesn’t do signs she usually spells words she hears and she does it with her finger on her leg. The other day she was standing next to me and I felt her tickling my side…she was spelling something on it!

    Great list!

  9. Just so you don’t feel left out…I’ll leave a comment on your blog too. 🙂
    I just noticed the corn thing at the last picnic. I couldn’t believe how clean your cob was…I’ll be watching for the “one food item at a time”.

  10. Ha ha!!! I tell myself off alot too! Weird…

  11. Ok- WEIRD. I do the billboard thing, too- but trace the words with my finger onto my pant leg. Is that weirder??? It’s like this compulsive thing I can’t control… Crazy!

  12. You guys are so silly with this food thing!! Food is sooo good all smashed together in your mouth!!!! Here’s an example: Chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes and green beans. Take fork, pick up some of ALL THREE THINGS place in mouth…yum!

    The billboard thing is weird, but I think adventures in babywearing is even weirder. Hmm…I can’t imagine tracing out the letters.

    You’re too funny!!!

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