Back to the hot topic of PAINT! I know you’re all sitting at the edge of your seat in great anticipation to know this important and life-altering news… I changed the green paint!

I know I just lost a bunch of readers as I am not writing a political or religious piece this time… just kidding! I know who my real friends are and what they’re really interested in. ME! And what’s going on in my day-to-day.

We went back to Glidden (paint store) right after picking up the kids from school. They said we can lighten our yellow paint. We bought a gallon of plain old white paint and that should do the trick. We (I mean my hubby) will add a bit of white at a time until it’s the colour I like. With the green… or “Pickle” green as my sis-in-law stated last night at our family dinner/birthday party for my other sis-in-law… The colour was disliked by all. I can’t believe I chose that colour! The old green was re-tinted, it’s not the perfect match to my favourite green, “Herb de Provincial” by Benjamin Moore but it will have to do… for now. My hubby is also crossing his fingers that this works as he is not in the mood to re-repaint. Have I mentioned that I love the red? I do. I love it! It’s called “Rapture” — I even love the name.

My camera’s batteries are dead and I can’t find the recharger, pictures will have to wait. I want to be happy with the paint first anyways.

Next time I will hire a decorater and a painter…

** UPDATE **

The new green is great, more earthy and less food related. The cream walls are actually cream and not post-it note yellow. Mixing the paints worked and my hubby is happy he doesn’t have to re-repaint! For those coming tonight to ladies group, you’ll get a sneak peak and if you have snack food could you bring it too… thanks!


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  1. Fun with the paint!! I am going to get an appraisal done for our living/dining room. I would love to have smooth walls!!

  2. I know that you will fix it and will love just having your own space can’t wait to see what progress you have done in the last weeks I haven’t been over lately

    see ya 2 nite

  3. hey I liked the “pickle green” but then I like any green. Well not all greens.Actually I’m getting tired of green. Joking aside, I hope you have finally found the one you like, have fun bro. P

  4. Glad you found a green you love. Green is my favorite color and I wanted my kitchen green and like your experience, it was an ordeal! I finally found a shade I loved. I can’t wait to see what your green looks like!

  5. I can’t wait to see them tonight…. and I will bring food for sure!

  6. Sounds awesome!! Can’t wait to see pictures! Have a great weekend!

  7. I love your red too!!…I have a can of paint that I have had for years and I’m finally painting my one wall that colour in my new room. Then the other walls are going to be a deep beige.

    Glad all your colours are working out.! And have fun at Ladies Night!

  8. Tonight was an awesome night…Thanks for hosting it. I had a blast!

    BTW… the other colours were really bad…well the green was for sure. I love the colours that are there now and the red is really nice. Great Job painting Dave!

  9. Some tips to make it easier to get the right combo of colours.
    Find a piece of fabric or wallpaper sample that thave the tones you really like. Look at the proportionate share each colour has – dominate less dominate etc. Try is the same kind of light you will have in that room. them use for paint selection. Remember also that the shades in the small clour chits turn out lighter – usually.

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